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    1. [GERMANS-WI] "Challenge" replies & German newspaper steamship advertisements
    2. Gary Rebholz
    3. Replies from the owners of Ancestry Member Trees continue to trickle in. Really. A poster's profile page lists the past time they signed which can indicate likelihood of a response. I'll post statistics before the list shuts down in March 2020. Years ago I posted information how in some eras German-WI families could watch regular newspaper columns to see when relatives or friends on a known ship & travel date left a German port and arrived at a US port, almost in real time. (Transatlantic telegraph cable was first installed in the 1850s, but reliably successful in 1860s-1870s). You can also collect advertisements in the German language newspapers that may match your family's ocean travels. The Norddeutschen Lloyd Line advertised in Milwaukee papers. Their 1870s advert. includes pending trips & dates for ships named: Braunschweig (Capt. Undütsch), Nürnberg (Capt. Jäger), Liepzig (Capt. Hoffmann), Ohio (Capt. Meyer), Berlin (Capt. Pohle), Baltimore (Capt. Andressen). Ticket prices were: Cabin passengers, $100 Gold Below deck passengers $30 currency Children 1-10 years, half-price Infants $2 The steamship company's promotion infers how a German-WI ancestor may have traveled from Baltimore to Wisconsin ... [translated] "The Baltimore landing berths of these steamers is also the depot of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway, which carries passengers to and from the West at cheaper prices than any railroad from New York and Philadelphia." US Railway adverts. are found in many decades of publishing.

    01/13/2020 04:37:58