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    1. [GERMANS-WI] GERMANS-WI cousin matches in DNA results?
    2. Gary Rebholz
    3. Have you used the "Birth location in matches' trees" search option within you DNA matches at the Ancestry site? 23andMe offers the search, but subscribers there are less likely to fill in locations, or surnames. I've used both "Milwaukee", and a wider search of "Wisconsin" at Ancestry-DNA. Even the distant 5th-8th degree cousin matches are providing the interesting results. I'm also picking through specific German towns or their "Kreis" / county. I'm continuing to send messages at Ancestry (Public Member Trees) & 23andMe with any possible connection to my tree: asking questions, offering corrections or additional detail to poster's research. The response rate so far isn't bad.

    01/09/2020 07:41:04