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    2. Lisa Eschenburg
    3. Actually David, Ancestry websites have a lot of church records from Germany and I mean digitized images. Of course availability of records varies by area of Germany or former-Germany and varies by religion. And often the records are not indexed so you have to browse. They can be found under the Birth, Marriage, and Death category. Sometimes the data collection does not show up when you a just looking at the country. So you need to drill down to the province level. Other times you have to remember what country your location is located in now. For example the village and parish lie in Poland now so look under Poland and check the sub-area too. Again for some reason some data collections do not appear at the country level. *Here is my first example.* The Family History Library/FamilySearch had microfilmed all of the Evangelische church records in Mecklenburg-Schwerin and you could rent the films at your local Family History Center. Until recently those microfilm were not digitized and available on FamilySearch which they are now but you have to view them at your local FHC or the FHL in Salt Lake or an affiliate FHC. BUT TWO YEARS AGO Ancestry added that whole collection digitized and with an index of sorts. I say of sorts but not every record is indexed and the quality of the index is not that great. There is no consistency of indexing the birth (when there is one) or the baptism date and often they index location just by the parish not the actual village of birth. And they were not consistent in how they labeled parishes so trying to limit searches of indexed records to just on parish is difficult. But the record images are there for use! In addition there are at least four different record database collections for Lutheran records all covering much of the same years. Each contains Lutheran records from a variety of provinces so you need to check for your parish in all the different record database collections. I think it would have been more organized to have a separate database collection for each province or just one database collection containing all provinces instead of three of separate collections. Oh and even though the collections are labeled Lutheran for some areas they contain records from other non-catholic churches. *My second example. *Several years ago Ancestry got an agreement with Brandenburg State Archives so they could digitize and host parish church records that the Family History Library/FamilySearch has never had. At first these were browse only images but now there is an index but again I doubt every record in indexed yet. This database collection has changed names a few times and is currently called Brandenburg, Germany, Transcripts of Church Records, 1700-1874 but it is not just and index they are digitized images of the church books which are second copies by the way. Lastly, I hope everyone knows that on FamilySearch there are two places to find digitized records. But for both remember that digitized images that are not indexed will not show up in the search results. So you need to manually browse the digitized microfilm by scrolling thru like you have manually roll the microfilm forward and back when looking at actual microfilm. 1. Records, browse all records. Filter by country and then state/province. But not all digitized microfilm appear in the Records tab. To find the rest ... 2. Catalog, for church records enter in the location of the parish meaning the village that had the parish. Remember not all villages have a church so they went to church in a neighboring village. For other records and other places you have to search by the level of government that controls the records. In the USA this is often by county, township or town level or city. Check all possible levels. Hope this helps.

    07/12/2018 01:24:07