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    3. *KOREAN WAR* The Korean War officially began on June 25, 1950, when troops from North Korea invaded South Korea. After the invasion, the United Nations Security Council voted to send UN troops to South Korea‚Äôs aid and the US provided almost 90% of the soldiers. Both sides had victories and defeats, and the South Korean capital, Seoul, changed hands several times during the war. On July 27, 1953, both sides signed the Korean Armistice Agreement. This agreement maintained the demilitarized zone at the 38th parallel and cooled tensions between the Koreas. No official peace treaty was ever signed, and the Korean peninsula remains divided. *OREGON TRAIL HISTORICAL MAP *from Nancy Hendrickson I've driven along the Oregon Trail more times than I can remember. One of my dream trips would be to walk the portion of the trail that runs from Chimney Rock to Fort Laramie - but alas, I'm not sure my legs, knees, etc. would keep up with my dream! I've written a bit about an Oregon Trail diary <> , but also want to share an Oregon Trail Map <>, <> Enjoy! *FREE **OHIO** DATABASES* This link will take you to the free Ohio databases,, including information on Ohio First Families, Civil War, Mayflower Index, and Ohio Settlers. Sally Rolls Pavia [email protected] <[email protected]> List Owner: [email protected] "Soldiers do not die until they are forgotten."

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