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    3. DID YOU KNOW? Sorry if some of these are repeats. Found a list but wasn’t sure if they’d been sent. They were interesting, so decided to send them. Sally =========================== New Marion County Police Collection at Indy Public Library Info Posted: 14 Oct 2019 More than 10,000 newly digitized materials from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Indianapolis Fire Department featuring log books, dispatch recordings, personnel records, newsletters and photos dating to the 1870s can be found online in The Indianapolis Public Library’s Digital Indy collection, and Dept). Made possible by a $1.8 million grant from the Lilly Endowment Inc through gifts to The Indianapolis Public Library Foundation, the collection’s availability to the public is the culmination of a two-year effort to identify, acquire and digitize materials that encompassed approximately 4,660 staff hours and over 80,000 scans. The collection adds to the nearly 4,700 items from the Indianapolis Firefighters Museums that became part of Digital Indy in 2010. ================================= IRISH GRAVESTONE SYMBOLS Are there Irish gravestone symbols at your ancestor’s final resting place? As you learn what the symbols are and the meanings behind them you’ll come to understand your heritage better. Even if there isn’t a drop of Irish blood in your veins, your walks through the cemetery will be far more interesting if you understand Irish symbols. For the rest of this article can be found at: ================================= Family History Daily Can’t Find Great-Great-Grandma? Pro Tips for Researching the Women in Your Tree By Patricia Hartley Women were just as important to a household and community hundreds of years ago as they are today but, thanks to laws and social ideas that limited women’s roles and rights, their contributions and names are often lost to history. This makes identifying and tracking our female ancestors particularly challenging. For the rest of this article can be found at: ================================= Family History Daily Finding Incorrect Records on Here’s How to Fix Them by Donna Streetenberger Have you ever come across information on, or another genealogy site, that was clearly incorrect – either because the record itself contained errors or because the information was transcribed incorrectly? Did you take the time to correct it? When conducting research, avid family historians regularly encounter errors. This often occurs in the spelling of a first or last name on records like the census, where the enumerator was not careful to verify spelling. Or it may happen during transcription from documents with sloppy or excessively cursive handwriting. Erroneous information on genealogical records, or in their indexes, has an impact on us all. Not only does it limit the chance that the record will be easily discoverable by those looking for it – but it increases the chance that incorrect information will be copied and spread by others. And that is always bad for the genealogical community . That’s why it is so important we all take a moment to correct misinformation when we find it. For the rest of this article can be found at:

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