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    1. [GENEALOGYBITSANDPIECES] How AncestryHints(R) are Updated AND Unavailable Ancestry Hints(R)
    2. Sally Pavia
    3. *DID YOU KNOW? **12 Sep 2019* Sorry I haven’t been online recently. Not only did I get a new left shoulder, to go with the right one I had done two years ago, I was in California visiting my two sons for almost a month. Even got to send four days up in Mammoth. My son and daughter-in-law love to hike so we usually go to either Yosemite or Mammoth. Beautiful up there. Sally *How Ancestry Hints® are Updated* Ancestry*®* wants to help you accomplish your goals with meaningful Ancestry Hints®. When you save new information to a person in your tree, your hints are updated in the following ways: · *New hints are added.* Based on the information you’ve saved for a person in your tree, we may find new hints and add them to the hints you can discover. · *Irrelevant hints are removed.* Based on the information you’ve saved for a person in your tree, some old hints may no longer apply to that person. These hints will be removed. · *Your hints list may be re-sorted.* When we update your hints, we want to put the best hints we find at the top of your hints lists. You can find these lists on the Person Page, Hints tab, and the All Hints Page. (Hints are ranked based on how closely the information in a record matches the information in your tree.) *Information that affects hints* Any fact or relationship addition to or deletion from a person in your tree (such as places lived, name changes, events, adding parents, siblings, and so forth) will cause your hints to check for updates. The facts that are most likely to affect hints are facts that pertain to vital information and relationships: name, birthdate and birthplace, death date and death place, gender, and family members. Significantly changing someone’s vital information or relationships could make a hint drop off of your hints list. For example, a hint could drop off when you change a person’s name and/or relationships. If you change a name from “Mary Smith” to “Margaret French,” or if you change a birth or death date by more than a couple of years, you're likely to change the hints for that person. Unavailable Ancestry Hints® If Ancestry Hints® are unavailable, you’ll see a message saying so. Causes Ancestry Hints become unavailable when they're sourced from a database that was available on Ancestry*®* but then became unavailable or from another person’s public family tree and that person deletes the attached record or photo, deletes their entire tree, or makes their tree private after the hint is created. Private family trees are accessible to the tree owner and to anyone the owner invites to the tree, but they’re not accessible to anyone else. When a database is removed or someone deletes a record or photo, deletes their public tree, or makes their tree private, the tree’s contents are removed immediately from public viewing, but pending hints take longer to disappear. In the meantime, the hints remain, but their contents can no longer be accessed. When you try to view a pending hint that comes from a source that’s been deleted or made private, the hint will say, “This hint is no longer available.” Hints that fall into this category will eventually be deleted, but can cause confusion in the meantime. We are working to reduce the time it takes to remove these hints after the original source is deleted or made private. Removing unavailable hints There is not currently a way to manually remove these hints. If the owner of the tree from which a hint is sourced makes the tree public again after making it private, the hint will reappear. If the tree remains private or has been deleted, the hint will disappear the next time family trees are indexed on Ancestry.

    09/12/2019 11:56:37