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    3. List Newsletter JULY 2018 1. Introduction 2. Discussion Topic 3. List Reminders 4. Looking for helpers —————————————————————— 1. Introduction My name is Dee and I’m the list admin for this and many other lists. If you receive this message multiple times that’s why. Each quarter or so I’ll be sending out a message to my lists to remind everyone that you’re here and to post to the list. —————————————————————— 2. Current Discussion Topic: ———— Any tips, pointers or ideas for others publishing their genealogy? Or Please share a link to your published genealogy. ———— I’m inviting everyone to post to this list. You don’t have to answer the discussion question. You can post your questions, triumphs, problems, etc.. —————————————————————— 3. List Reminders Please remember, stay on-topic with the list. (I’m not a strict admin, I don’t mind chit chat at all, especially on smaller lists such as this one. Just try to keep it to the actual list topic as closely as possible. Please remember, no sales through this list. —————————————————————— 4. Looking for helpers I am searching for helpers to assist me with this and other lists. You should be very familiar with on-line genealogy. I need someone who can gather links to distribute to this and other mail lists to help researchers with specific areas, surnames or topics. If you’re interested, please send me an email at [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>. —————————————————————— I hope you all have a wonderful day! Dee Admin GenLady <>

    07/31/2018 04:38:27