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    2. In a message dated 5/30/03 10:01:40 PM Central Daylight Time, [email protected] writes: > I am looking for someone to take over this list and make it go. There are > so many subscribers on this list, yet it is dead. > > Gail > Gail, Maybe part of the problem is that there are so many alternatives to getting genealogy information out now- Especially since iuniverse increased their price from $99.00 ! I myself am about to publish on a CD-ROM instead of a book form. There are several advantages to this method, 1). It allows a much wider range of layout 2). You needn't worry about file size! <G> 3). You can handle production and fulfillment yourself 4). You get to keep all your profits I've found a program (Second Site) that makes it a snap- only drawback is that it only works with The Master Genealogist but that isn't all bad as TMG tends to be, n my view, the best genealogy program out at the moment To tell the truth I'd even forgotten I was subscribed to the group it has been so quiet. Maybe a slight shift of focus is needed? Good Luck, Andy "True happiness lies not keeping up with the Joneses but rather in not letting them catch up!"

    05/30/2003 06:09:35