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    3. Hi, I could use your help. I have emailed someone who put the vitals and first name of my living aunt up in her database at This woman appears to not be willing to remove her vitals from her database. My great aunt could be the victim of identity theft and I am concerned about protecting her. Any suggestions? ---------- Forwarded Message ---------- Mark Orin Bolin + Esther Hibberd On Thursday 05 February 2004 08:45 am, you wrote: > Dear Ms Marlaina Fritz Barr, > I have no idea who you are, but you certainly DID NOT email me some 6 > months ago............ > Now as far as Blance Ellen Hibberd is concerned, I have no idea if you are > related to her or not. If she is your great aunt, she would have to be a > sister to your grandmother or grandfather on her side of the family, and I > have no information in my database on her side of the family! > > My Blance Ellen Hibberd was born August 23, 1907, if she is still alive she > would be 97 years old. The Blance Ellen Hibberd I have in my database > married my cousin Mark Orin Bolin in 1927. This information is available > through Census records, Vital records, Land grants, etc. > > I have no other information on this Blance Ellen Hibberd except her name. > No parents, no siblings, etc. My only information is that a woman named > Blance Ellen Hibberd married my cousin. You must be quite a smart woman if > you are able to pick out a single name from hundreds and hundreds of names > with no other information available, and identify her as your great aunt. > > As far as is concerned, They delete all names and replace them > with the word "Living" for everyone born in 1930 or later...... > > My cousin married a Blance Ellen Hibberd and her name belongs in my > genealogy database. > > Bonnie Miller > > -------Original Message------- > > From: Marlaina Fritz Barr > Date: 02/04/04 13:41:52 > To: [email protected] > Subject: please remove living from your database > > I sent you an email some 6 months ago. Blance Ellen Hibberd, ID I09473 is > still alive. Remove her vitals and first name from your database. She is > my > great-aunt. I am also reporting this to ancestry as they do not allow > living > people to have their vitals or first names listed, and you ignored my > provious email. > > Marlaina Fritz Barr ------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------

    02/05/2004 04:00:53