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    1. Re: GEDCOM import credit
    2. Marilyn Larson
    3. I would not worry about it- The more exposure you get on your lines the better. You might add a Post-em to his work stating your case, and your contact info. Marilyn Larson ----- Original Message ----- From: "Marlaina Fritz Barr" <[email protected]> To: <[email protected]> Sent: Tuesday, April 20, 2004 10:09 AM Subject: GEDCOM import credit > Hi List, > > I would sure appreciate help on handling a situation. I received some > information from someone also researching a family line and they were very > open and sent me some sources. Now I find they have imported my GEDCOM on > the world tree on their website and world tree, importing all my sources with > the appearance they are theirs with no mention they imported my GEDCOM. > > This person was very nice and helpful, but really should have just entered my > GEDCOM imported as their sources and not my actual sources. Any suggestions > how to handle this? > > Example from one entry: > My GEDCOM entry: > 6 > Their copies: > > > > Thanks for any help, > Marlaina Fritz Barr > > > >

    04/20/2004 04:46:52