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    1. [Connecticut] Silver Skates & Burton Henry Hubbell
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    3. I have a mystery to solve in the form of a pair of very elaborately decorated silver plated ice skates with my grandfather’s full name engraved on both sides of each blade, obviously made as an award for something, in a fancy blue velvet lined presentation box “Barney & Berry, Springfield, Mass” probably 1890s. On the insole of each skate is written, “Pat’d May 2, 1876, Oct 18, 1881, Feb 12, 1884, Mar 1, 1887". No other information is with them. Decades ago the family at the time thought they had nothing to do with skating but had no idea where they came from. What competition in or around Meriden, Connecticut might have presented such an award, and for what? Burton Henry Hubbell was an artist and a photographer who traveled about New England and as far as Canada with a group of cyclists. He even photographed and privately published a book about his travels with Meriden cyclists that exists in two libraries in the US and Canada today. Even knowing all that I can find no clue as to why he was awarded the skates. I’d appreciate any thoughts or direction you may offer me. Carol Hubbell Boggs 17 July 2016

    07/16/2016 06:59:00