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    1. [CT] DEXTER couples in Killingly from 1780's (ALLEN)
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks
    3. Hello, I checked the archives yesterday, and it looks like I haven't posted about the DEXTER families in Killingly in a long time.     I don't want to mention the entire story;  I'll try to summarize parts of it, and then given an update. Joseph DEXTER and some brothers left the Providence, RI, area around 1780 to move to Killingly.   This DEXTER / ALLEN couple had many children, all raised in Killingly.   One of the oldest was Marvin DEXTER.  He also married an ALLEN lady, but she wasn't related to Marvin's mother.    (They might have both come from the same ALLEN "immigrant ancestor.")  Marvin and Mary only had 2 children,  a daughter, Abby, who became Mrs. Abby CROSBY from the next town,  and a son, John  (born 1830's).    Somehow John met a Mary Anna CLARK from Westport, MA.   They might have married in Stonington, but lived in Killingly.   John and "Molly" had 3 daughters,  but one daughter died at Age 2, and one died at 14.   Their surviving daughter grew up to become Mrs. Clara YOUNG in Killingly. Around 1885,  John and "Molly" left their long-time home to move to Boston and bought a house in nearby Melrose.     Around 1890, they took in a baby girl,  and they adopted her in Mar. 1892.    At the adoption they changed her name to .. Mary Anna Clark DEXTER.    (formerly Daisy WATROUS - assumedly) ..  Unfortunately, Mrs. DEXTER died in Apr. 1899,  and their adopted daughter, when she was 10, was placed in  "The Temporary Home" in Boston.   She remained there till she was 18.    In 1904,  Mr. Dexter became ill,  and he was sent to the "Tewksbury State Hospital" - where he died in 1905. The DEXTER couple told my grandmother many LIES while she lived with them.   They "knew"  who her birth-parents were, and they never told her.    And, worse, whatever birth-certificates were supposed to exist -  disappeared.          (There are lots of twists & turns to this story about my maternal grandmother.)   Three generations have tried to find out the "truth" but no one has succeeded. I got on-line 15 yrs. ago, and started posting queries.    I found a researcher in CT who was related to Mary Anna CLARK.    Mary's mother was Mrs. Rhoda (MANCHESTER) (LAVARE) CLARK - in Westport all of  the 1800's.   The lady in CT was from one of the LAVARE sons.    Both of us studied this situation, and we have thought for years -- that the DEXTER couple were my grandmother's maternal grandparents.   Even "family photos" showed a resemblance.    But my "cousin" paid for me to do a DNA test 2 years ago,  and the results showed that I was not related to .. Mrs. Dexter.    But, the possibility exists that I might be related to Mr. Dexter.     (ALLEN name showed up in DNA results)     So, the current thought this winter is that Mr. Dexter was having an affair,  and possibly even before he moved out of CT.   ...   Two months ago I uploaded my result to GedMatch,  and I started receiving e-mails.   Another lady in CT believes we are  "3rd cousins" .. and very possibly we both descend from my grandmother's  .. birth-mother  (UNKNOWN).    .....   That's all I'll say for now.    If anyone wants more details, I'll try to offer them  --  if I can get away from the  SHOVELING ....    Smile Betty              (near Lowell, MA) (on Lists and Boards for 16 yrs.;   now an Admin for several of them) FYI: For my other "great-grandparents"  I have at least the surnames of everyone on their tree - going back to late 1700's, etc.      So, people showing up as "DNA relatives" can check out my surnames.    The lady in CT does not have "any" of them on her tree.

    02/11/2017 07:11:29