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    1. [Connecticut] Finding Out-of-Print Books about CT
    2. Ms Betty Fredericks via
    3. Hi again, I'd just like to remind researchers that there are ways to find out about, or locate, an antique, or out-of-print book that you might not think about. There are "antique book stores" in different places in New England.   One, historic one in Boston There's a large one in Maine, I believe, but I don't remember the name of it. And there is a used-book store in Salem, MA, which offers several services.    One special service is that they will "borrow" an antique book of yours and print out copies of it -  for their sale. And you might not be able to buy an antique book from an Historical Society, but sometimes you "luck out" and they have a copy you can look at.    Same with large libraries.     And, I know of 2, historical societies which offer a "publishing service." FYI:    There was a very small, history book about the Town of Princeton, ME, that people on the Lists told me about.    I finally found a way to obtain a copy.    Someone had re-printed it, and it was available for sale at the "supermarket."   I wrote the supermarket a letter, found out the price, and the manager sold a copy to me -- by way of a check - and by way of mail.            (I wanted a copy because my KIDDER ancestors are mentioned in the book;   they lived there from about 1850 to 1950 - and beyond.) Betty           (near Lowell, MA) (on Lists and Boards for 15 yrs.;   now an Admin for 13 Lists and 5 Boards) FYI: My 6 am memory thinks it was a James KIDDER family which left Billerica, MA, in the early 1700's to move to CT and became one of the first settlers in  Mansfield (?).

    03/13/2015 05:07:13