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    3. I tried to see if I could look this up for you, and came up with an article from when the book was published. e-scouts-sewing "Charles ``Chick'' Comparetto of Enfield has published a book, ``Hazardville's Powder Hollow - Forgotten Past,'' a collection of readings and historical photgraphs he compiled and edited. The book has been placed in the Hazardville United Methodist Church library and the Enfield Public Library." I would contact both of these libraries to see if they have copies to sell. Sometimes these books are used for fund raising purposes. I'm guessing this is the church: and here is the library If the book is not available anywhere, maybe one of these libraries would copy the pages with information on your cousin. Some of these smaller libraries are very helpful. I'm surprised your libraries won't try to get this book for you. I didn't think libraries restricted interlibrary loans - that kind of defeats the purpose. Good luck, Lisa > -----Original Message----- > From: [mailto:genconnecticut- >] On Behalf Of Elizabeth Torno via > Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2015 6:20 PM > To: > Subject: [Connecticut] Book about Enfield, CT history > > Hello Listers, > > For a couple of years I have tried to get a book, "Forgotten Past: > Hazardville's Powder Hollow: a collection of readings, historical > photographs and related materials," through Inter-Library Loan with NO > success. I even wrote the author, Charles J. Comparetto, to see if he > has an extra copy to sell, but I did not get a response. There were 2 > editions, the last one was published in 1998. I would be happy to buy > a copy - if you have one for sale or know someone who does, please > contact me privately at <> > > My cousin, John Alexander Garesché, was the manager of that powder > company when he was killed in an explosion there in 1858. At the time > he was killed, it is said that he was engaged to one of Col. Hazard's > daughters, but I don't know which one. For our family history, I am > trying to find out as much as I can about him, which is why I want to > at least borrow the book. All our local libraries say that CT is out > of their reach for Inter-Library Loan purposes. > > We sure hope someone can help, > > Betty Garesché Torno > St. Louis, MO >

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