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    1. Re: Origin of Surname PUNTERVOLD??
    2. Here are “Puntervolds”with the name Adolf and/or Gustav <*&lastname=puntervol*&gender=&birth_year_from=&birth_year_to=&birth_date=&birth_place=&domicile=&position=&event_year_from=&event_year_to=&event_date=&related_first_name=&related_last_name=&related_birth_year=> <*&lastname=puntervol*&gender=&birth_year_from=&birth_year_to=&birth_date=&birth_place=&domicile=&position=&event_year_from=&event_year_to=&event_date=&related_first_name=&related_last_name=&related_birth_year=> Reina Your question: Gustav puntervold was my grandfather's brother my great-uncle my grandfather's name was Adolf Puntervold he moved to Brooklyn New York with my grandmother then to Bayshore Long Island they had four Sons Sverre Edward Arthur and Roy Alf wrote: If of interest, it may be that the farm Puntervold in Egersund, Rogaland is the origin of the surname. There are also Puntervold family members in Grimstad, but, only as a family name See also this Norwegian archive discussion thread <>

    09/23/2017 11:18:38