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    3. > I found this googling my great grandmothers name. Serafina Filipelli she married my great grandfather Pietro Misciasci and had 13 children 7 survived. My grandfather was Authur Misciasci his siblings were Frank, Al, Joe, Angela, Jenny (not birth name - she changed it when they immigrated she wanted an "American" name - her birth name was Concenza (Connie)) and Archie (Also changed his birth name). We know they immigrated from Calabria and settled in Cleveland Oh (Where I still live!) My great grandfather had a sister named Rita. My mom is still intouch with a cousin or two that are Filipellis. they also live in the Cleveland area. > > All so interesting. Hope you find out more of what you're looking for. Actually, some first names and last names have several mistakes and/or typos, because they wouldn't make sense to a native Italian speaker. --

    08/28/2017 05:26:50