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    1. Re: [GARRISON-DNA] Virginia Garrisons
    2. Kim Garrison
    3. My aunt's response: "Hello Kim... there is a Garrison Compass web site that Carl's DNA test is on... but it looks like it has been combined with other DNA projects (Garrison Project). None of it makes any sense to me. The FTDNA is the only test that was done. Your Dad said there were several Garrison families living in Garrisonville that weren't related. As far as Jerry Garrison, I don't know what the STRs or the NGS testing is or means. So.... don't know if this helps or not. (Somehow my Genealogy folder with the websites I used is gone.) I can send Jim Jerry Garrison's message and see if he is interested in contacting him. It also looks like Roots mentions the Garrison Compass RootsWeb: GARRISON-L [GARRISON] Garrisons' Compass Co-Admin ...<><> Oct 7, 2007 - Subject: [GARRISON] Garrisons' Compass Co-Admin., John Wesley GARRISON,Jr. (died 6 Oct. 2007) , services pending at Camp Butler Nat.)" Jerry, are you interested in Jim Garrison contacting you? Kim Garrison Greetings from Weyers Cave, VA If your father has tested at FTDNA, has he joined the Garrison project there? Has he just done the STRs, or has he also done NGS testing (Big Y, Full Genomes, etc.)?

    08/16/2017 05:21:24