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    3. The March 15 deadline is quickly approaching for Transylvania County's new heritage book, "The Heritage of Transylvania County, North Carolina -- Volume II." Right now, there's still plenty of time to write and submit articles for the book -- for those who are willing to get busy and take action. And of course there's still time to order your copy of the book by the deadline. ACT TODAY! For full information on how to compile and submit articles for the new book, as well as how to order your copy of the new heritage book, please visit the project website: On the website you can download a PDF of the heritage book brochure that includes full instructions for submitting articles. An article submission form and an order form for purchasing books is included. Sample articles to use as a guide are published in the brochure. If you need more information or help in any way with submitting articles or purchasing books, please contact the heritage book committee. Please contact Mary Galyon at (828) 884-5411, or Mary Lou Rhodes at (828) 877-4512. And of course please feel free to contact me by e-mail if I can help in any way. If you're in or near Transylvania County, heritage book brochures are available for pick up in Brevard at the Transylvania County Library, the Chamber of Commerce, and the Transylvania Times. Brochures are available in Rosman at Rosman Town Hall and at Jarrett's Store. Hurry, don't miss the deadline! The March 15 deadline is bearing down on us. There will be NO deadline extensions this time. If you have Transylvania County ancestors, don't let them be left out and forgotten, not given their rightful place in county history. How sad if a family has no one who cares enough to honor that family. Put your Transylvania County research or Transylvania related research to work in the most meaningful way possible! Give your hard-earned research lasting value by sharing it in this major published work. And by all means, don't miss this chance to order your copy of the book! Yours, Michael Allison, chairman __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

    02/01/2007 01:48:57