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    1. Charles Fletcher or Carrolton Fletcher
    2. Looking for correct name of man who married Viola Susanne Williams. She was born Jan. 1870. Said to have married Charles Fletcher. She was living in Colquitt County in 1900 and the census said her husband's name was Carrolton Fletcher and they had six children in the home. Can anyone help me with this Fletcher? Would like to know his correct name and his birth and death date. Thanks for any help.

    06/13/2006 12:39:45
    1. Obituary for 1943, Worth County
    2. Hello all, I hope someone on this list has newspaper clipping for Worth County and can give me a lookup for an obituary for James R. Rycroft, I believe he died in 1943 in Worth County. All help appreciated. Thanks, Emma

    06/05/2006 09:48:22
    1. Wiley and Frances Holland 1883
    2. Hello list, I am trying to find someone who has a book for sale or access to the book Wills and Cemeteries of Wilkinson County by Maddox. I am looking specifically for the will on page 159. Should be the will of Wiley Holland written in 1883. I am trying to find if all or some of his children are mentioned in the will. Especially interested to see if he has a son named Amos. Thanks for any help in this matter. Emma Sanders

    04/29/2006 06:03:54
    2. Edith Talbot
    3. HI All, New to the list, ancestor DAVID TALBOT died 1913 in BIBB county, MACON, GEORGIA, Address given as 1115, FOURTH STREET, can anyone tell me if this address would have been a house or a hospital does it still exist? Occupation salesman, might he have been in the trade directories ? Any help would be appreciated thankyou edith talbot UK

    04/14/2006 06:20:38
    1. Re: GACENTRAL-D Digest V06 #2
    2. Well, Patricia, at the risk of swamping you - and believe me, you will be swamped!! - if it's not too much trouble and when you get a breather, could you check for any FLOYD or WILKINS or KOONCE or BRINSON burials? Sorry to be so vague but surnames are all I have right now for most of these people. Thanks, Brenda Wilkins Hudson > > From: > Date: 2006/04/13 Thu AM 07:02:37 EDT > To: > Subject: GACENTRAL-D Digest V06 #2 > >

    04/13/2006 03:17:14
    1. Cemetery book.
    2. I have acquired a book of cemeteries of Taliaferro, McDuffie, Hancock, Glascock and Warren Counties from 1792-1987. Not sure if it has all of the cemeteries in every county, but it does have quite a few. I will be happy to do some lookups if I am not swamped. Patricia

    04/12/2006 06:08:36
    1. Wills & Cemeteries of Wilkinson County
    2. Susan A. Vaughn (Child of James Bartow Vaughn) was born in 1856 and married Amos J. (or Amos I.) Holland. Amos was the son of Wiley Holland and his second wife, Frances. They married on Jan. 16, 1873 in Wilkinson Co. Wiley’s will was written in 1883 and is located in Wills and Cemeteries of Wilkinson Co. by Maddox, page 159. Does somebody on this list have a copy of this book and if so can you tell me if children are named in the will. Thanks for any help. Emma

    03/09/2006 12:04:14
    1. Does anyone remember the cannons in front of Jordan High School?
    2. Does anyone know the where the cannons are that once sat in front of Jordan High School (JVHS). I remember them being large enough that the cheerleaders could stand on them and one person could sit stretch their legs out while having their picture made. The cannons they have in the naval museum are small and not at all what I remember. I have been told that these are the cannons that was in front of JVHS for many years. But, I remember then being much larger. I can't remember when the cannons were placed at Jordan , why or who gave them to us. I remember my older sisters talking about the cannon , they attended Jordan in the late 1940s and the cannons had been there for a while. I do remember there was a cannon, can't remember if there was one or two , but they sat in the front yard of an old house on Hamilton Road not far from what is now Rose Hill fish restaurant . The restaurant was also across the street on Hamilton Road , and the Peabody Apartments. which is now a vacant lot. Does anyone remember what happen to the one large cannon ? When it came to JVHS to live and why was it given to JVHS and who gave it? This is the same cannon that was painted Columbus High School colors in the mid 1940s. In return Jordan High School painted on the front of the building ,(Columbus High School) JVHS in tar and this wasn't removed until the fire at Columbus High School when boys (?) sat Columbus High School on fire with air plane fuel. Just curious and wanting to know if anyone else remembers the story as to what happen to the Cannons that reaped with memories of everyone who entered and exited Jorday High School ..1905 - Sandra maiden name Waldrop Muscogee County, Georgia

    12/15/2005 02:25:46
    1. William West
    2. fredandfran
    3. I am looking for information on William WEST who was in Wilkinson County 1820. Any information useful and helpful.

    07/06/2005 12:45:21
    1. Counties of central GA
    2. fredandfran
    3. Which GA counties comprise central GA? Thanks.

    07/05/2005 04:19:49
    1. Crawford Family Pulaski County Georgia
    2. Sorry I hit the send button before I listed my name. I am Tracie Crawford, Quincy, Florida Thanks

    06/17/2005 10:17:39
    1. Crawford family/ Pulaski County Georgia
    2. Looking for any help on Lester Crawford family of Pulaski County, Ga. They were living there in 1800's and he died there around 1815. He is listed in court records as a juror in numerous cases. Would Pulaski county have a copy of his will and all?? He and his wife, Cynthia (Cyntha) had the following children: John, William Byrd, Ezekiel, Cyntha, Nancy, and Elizabeth. Jason Brinson and Harvey Vickers are listed as the administrators of his estate. I believe he also owned/ran a saw mill in the area. I live around Tallahassee, Florida and am unable to make it to Pulaski to check out the records. Most of what I have came from "Early Court Records of Pulaski County" book from Florida State Archives. This family later moved to Baker/Mitchell/Thomas/Berrien Counties in Georgia. Ezekiel is my ggggrandfather and I have just broke this "brick wall" after 10 + years.

    06/17/2005 10:16:23
    1. Durant L. West
    2. FredandFran
    3. Durant L. WEST was born NC ca 1812, died in AR after 1880. He was in GA married to Narcissa HURST by about 1838, their first child, James was born in GA about 1839. Durant was in the GA Batallion at Goliad during the TX War of Independence. I am seeking Durant's parentage and the NC place of his birth. Any information/clues/sources greatly appreciated. Thanks

    06/02/2005 05:47:19
    1. [CGGS] Northeast Alabama Genealogical Society Ancestry Swap Meet 2005
    2. Gail Brown
    3. The Northeast Alabama Genealogical will be having their annual Ancestry Swap Meet this year April 23, 2005. It will be in Gadsden, Etowah County, Alabama. If you would like to receive an application for it with all the details please send me your name and address. We will be doing our mailouts this week so I need your name and address quickly. Just email it to me. Gail Brown, President Northeast Alabama Genealogical Society

    02/14/2005 11:10:24
    1. [CGGS] Your 1600s Ancestors Data Base
    2. First Families
    3. Hello Everyone: Those of you who are working on your lines back to your 1600s American Ancestors will find the 1600s Ancestors Data Base to be of great help. I have recently posted several hundred new Ancestors to the Data Base bringing the total to over 29,000 entries both men and women. Also listed are several National Societies who have proven many of the Ancestors you will find here. There are also a few new Reference Works that contain many more lines. The entries are coded to indicate to which Society or Reference Work has at least one of their proven lines. Several of the National Societies have over 20 different lines from a single Ancestor. WHEN YOU ENTER THE 1600s ANCESTORS DATA BASE be sure to look at the top of each data page for the link that takes you to the "Data Base Information Page". There you will find the list of codes and how to use them. This is MUST reading if you are to understand the Data Base and how to use it. We are constantly updating the Data Base with Additional Ancestors and references as time permits. More work has been devoted to updating listings of the female Ancestors by going back and including marriage dates. This takes much time and we still have a lot of work to do there. You will find the 1600s Ancestor Data Base at; For those of you who are AOL members you may have trouble connecting to many pages that may come up with a message such as "Page Does Not Exist" and you should cure that by using your browser feature of Copy and Paste the URL to your browser and pressing your enter key. Everyone has free access to the Data Base and to all our posted pages. Enjoy and Happy Hunting Ryan Jackson Data Base Manager America's First Families

    02/14/2005 10:04:20
    1. [CGGS] FW: Roster of Field, Staff and Band of the 49th Reg. Ga. Vol. Inf. ANV
    2. Jeremy Utt
    3. Hi, Does anyone know anything about the genealogy of any of these Confederate soldiers and/or army staff? A friend sent me these names: Pate, John Hugh - Lieutenant Colonel. Pate, John Haynes-Major. Pate, Redding Hamilton - Assistant Surgeon. These men were from Georgia (please see the subject line), and I believe that I could have a collateral relationship to them. I am trying to find a qualifying ancestor for the Military Order of the Stars and Bars (MOS&B), and I need a relative (lineal or collateral). I know that a number of Pates served in the War. Jeremy Utt

    12/17/2004 12:31:12
  1. 11/08/2004 02:09:23
    1. [CGGS] New 1805 Georgia Land Lottery Reference Book
    2. Paul K. Graham
    3. This is an announcement concerning my new 1805 Georgia Land Lottery book. The book is very important to anyone researching their family's movement across Georgia during the early 1800s because it tells both where they were living in 1804 and where they could have moved after 1805. Please contact me off-list by visiting my website at where I have posted the full introduction to the book, including a complete history of the land lottery and a description of the available land lottery records. You can also search the index and view a sample page. 1805 GEORGIA LAND LOTTERY: FORTUNATE DRAWERS AND GRANTEES, Paul K. Graham, 2004. Hardcover, smythe sewn, 7 x 10, 296 pages, full name index. Cover is mahogany cloth with gold lettering. Published with a grant from the R. J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation. This is a limited printing. THE BOOK Compilation of the land lottery and grant records for every land lot distributed through the 1805 Georgia Land Lottery process, including fractional lots and islands Organized geographically, by original county, land district, and land lot Includes grants to land in today's Putnam, Morgan, Jones, Baldwin, Wilkinson, Laurens, Wayne, Brantley, and Charlton Counties. Entries contain: Land lot number Fortunate drawer's name and residence Grantee's name and residence Grant date Book and page reference to the recorded grant Transcriptions of original documents, executive orders, and laws, when available Book contains: 4,850 land lots Almost 4,000 fortunate drawers More than 4,800 grantees 88 transcribed documents Records dating from 1803 to 1907 Thorough introduction and full name index (read for free at WEBSITES Official Book Website - R. J. Taylor, Jr., Foundation -

    11/07/2004 07:31:18
    1. [CGGS] Kennedy Family
    2. Barbara
    3. Looking for Kennedy's in the southern Ga area. I am new to all of this so having a horrible time finding anything. LOL! I am gonna list some names and hopefully someone can put me in the right direction. Apparently, they do come from Worth Co. I found some at the site site that do match a lot of the family in the 1920 Census. I can not afford to get the pay part of the site so stuck. :( My grandfather, died at age 28 (allegedly murdered) Charlie Lewis Kennedy-birth 1913-Turner Co Ga, Died-in 1942 in Wilcox Co, Ga. He was buried at Antioch Cemetary. His Father-J. R. Kennedy (lived in Ashburn Ga). Mother name unknown at this time. 3 brothers- Jack, Johnnie E.(Eugene?), and Jim. 3 sisters- Etta, Minnie, and Bessie (Mae ?). His wife was Mary V. Sego. (She was the daughter of Joseph C Sego and Pricilla Watson Sego.) I have most the family living in Ashburn, Dooly Co., Seville, Sycamore, Cordele, Crisp Co, Vienna, Wilcox Co, Worth Co, and all over south Ga. And a few in Lakeland Fla. Some other names that keep popping up are: Zelma Kennedy, Pearl Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Fannie, Addie Bill?, Nephews from Johnnie E. Kennedy -Rupert Kennedy, Buford and Rayford, Nieces-Lola Mae Lessie, Carolyn, and Thelma Ann. Absolutely and info on any of these will be so appreciated. Email me at, or

    09/24/2004 05:21:31
    1. [CGGS] Good evening CGGS
    2. Margie Daniels
    3. Good evening everyone, I am Margie Daniels a researcher and member of the CGGS. My surnames are Evans, Glover, Paschal, Gray, Frederick just to name a few. I am up against a brick wall with two women in my family. Emma Jane Gray. Emma married Nathan O’ Glover in Taylor county Feb. 1879. She had siblings names Davis Young, Mattie Young (believed to have married a Wolf) Cassie Young. My other brick wall is Eleander (Penolepe) Frederick. Eleander married Thomas W. Glover in Warren county Georgia. They moved to Crawford county> Stewart County and finally to Barbour County Alabama where they remained until they died. I have not been able to find out a thing about Eleander other than she was a member of Mt. Paran Primitive Baptist Church. If anyone has any information on these ladies, I would greatly appreciate the help. Margie Daniels --- Outgoing mail is certified Virus Free. Checked by AVG anti-virus system ( Version: 6.0.745 / Virus Database: 497 - Release Date: 8/27/2004

    08/31/2004 03:55:18