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    2. Linda Barton
    3. I'm not sure if I am still a member. I was without a computer for several years. When I obtained a new one everything had changes so much and I had trouble locating a lot of the old sites. I had lost most of my written lists of sites with sign on, passwords, etc. I was shocked when I read your messages I recieved in my email.  I would love to be able to maintain contact with this group if at all possible. The names I am researching in Brantley and surrounding areas (as the lines changed) are Kelly, Jones Harrelson, Herron, Hickox (Yankee Dave) Brooker, Ammons, Johns, and King. These are just a few as I am going off the top of my head at the moment. I use Facebook so am agreeable with that option. Please let me know what decisions are made.  I hope that a solution to this problem can be resolved

    01/14/2020 12:27:44