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    1. [GABACON]status of GABacon list 2020
    2. Timothy Stowell
    3. As of this moment, the Bacon county list has 41 subscribers. With the demise of this list on 3/2, a new home for the list has been set up. In a few minutes, I'll be sending out invitations to join the new GA-BACON group. It should be a link you can click that will let you 'accept' the invitation to join the new group. You may need to check your spam folder as I can't say when such will be delivered. Of course, folks may still post to this list through 3/1. However, I want to pass along a little bit of who I am and why my interest in this list and others. I am a native of Coweta county, the third generation of my family there. Over the years I've lived in three other counties in the state - Morgan, Newton, Gwinnett. In 1996, I ran across a childhood playmate, who introduced me to USGenWeb, a project I've been with since. I've held many roles in that organization and currently host websites in Tennessee, New York, Minnesota, Louisiana and Alaska for USGenWeb. I host sites in North Dakota, Wisconsin, Georgia for AHGP (American History and Genealogy Project) and/or ALHN (American Local History Network) approximately 50 websites. My interest in Bacon county comes from having known a previous county coordinator who died way too young. I'm currently working with 118 lists and have asked for a dozen more... I've learned more from genealogy and history research than school or life has taught me on a host of subjects. Tim Stowell Chattanooga

    01/20/2020 11:25:03