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    3. Hello Folks,   Just a reminder that I will be available at the Huxford Genealogical Society Library in Homerville, Georgia on Saturday afternoon, May 15th to discuss genetic genealogy testing.   Linda Woodward-Geiger will be lecturing on Southeastern Indian Research on Saturday morning at the Huxford Library.  Call the Library for reservations for this event.    I will have DNA testing kits for sale on Saturday afternoon as well as Sunday afternoon (May 16th) at the Huxford Quarterly Meeting.   You can call the Huxford Library at 912-487-2310, if you wish to schedule a private conference with me concerning your test results or to ask questions concerning your need for a genetic genealogy test in support of your family research efforts.   If you wish to discuss existing test results, be sure to bring a copy of the result pages (DYS allele values, Haplogroup chart and matches) from your personal Web page at FTDNA as well as any pedigree charts you have for the person tested. Rob Noles Robert B. Noles [email protected] Project Administrator, Huxford / Wiregrass Georgia Regional DNA Project  Skype Name: robert.b.noles Mandeville, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana Project Administrator, Genetic Genealogy Projects (for Knowles, Wiregrass Georgia, & Lumbee Tribe) Using Genetic Genealogy to prove our family trees Director, Knowles/Knoles/Noles Family Association: Director, Huxford Genealogical Society & Library:

    05/13/2010 01:52:28