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    2. Ayers, B. J.
    3. 02DEC07 MISS. HAZEL; RW; LIST; On this- *SHIPLEY*- is this the same family who were in the "ROWAN/SALSBURY", NC areas about-(1770)??? We art looking for *MONTGOMERY/ HINTON/ BROWN*, amongst others who went to the-"AUGUSTA, GA."[WILKES/FRANKLIN/ JACKSON] areas-after REV.WAR-1800<<<)!!! Several of these families had PATRIOTS who fought throughout the CAROLIIAS & GEORGIA. We have only found a few thus far. JESSE HINTON-[KIA] At FORT WILKES. ENS.JACOB HINTON-[brother HARDY HILL HINTON]- No Intel,[except they were of the famous- COL. JOHN HINTON-bNC.circa-1715)-CHOWAN to;JOCO/WAKE,NC. LT/CAPT.JAMES MONTGOMERY-(1736-1808)wife-Eliz.MCCONNELL MONTGOMERY -[some sources say-Enlisted-(NOV1777-DAR) @ BURKE, GA.MILITIA, fought at--"HANGING ROCK-son-JOHN---POW/KIA]"---other sons--"LT/CAPT.JAMES MCCONNELL MONTGOMERY & MAJ.HUGH LAWSON MONTGOMERY"; "KETTLE CREEK & at least one of the "AUGUSTA BATTLES", other Battles Unknown. And a *DAVID MONTGOMERY-[the Cooper]*-(circa-1740-1791)-Died-(1791) in "WILKES, GA"! *DAVID[JR]-died-(1796)!!! This family was purportedly from "PHILY,PA"???? Any Intel, even crumbs and tidbits are greatly appreciated THASNKS & GOD BLESS SEMPER FI BA- In North GA!! -----Original Message----- From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf of Richard White Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 8:24 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Re: [GA-VETERANS] Military Records for Robert Shipley I'm interested in seeing any other responses, but I can possibly enlighten you on one thing, that being the meaning of "spy" in the Georgia Militia. To get a modern understanding of it you would substitute the term Ranger, or Special Forces. So far as I know the spy records are just a part of the Georgia militia records. I have an interest in a company of spies raised in Pulaski and Wilkinson counties during the First Creek War, but as yet I've had no opportunity to do any documentary research on them... RW Hazel Voris wrote: > I am researching Robert Shipley born 1840-1850 probably in Maryland. Robert Shipley >was in the Revolutionary War and maybe in some Indian Wars. They lived and owned >land 1789-1804 in Franklin Co Georgia. There was Robert Sr, Robert, Nathaniel, and >John Shipley. From an Auditors Ledger housed at the Georgia Archives in Atlanta is an >entry, > > "The State of Georgia debit to Robert Shipley for his services as a Spy on the Frontier >and Certificate of the Inspector General and settled agreeable to the resolve of 28 Jan last." >Date was July 18, 1789. > > No Senate/House Journals were available. Where??? How do I find information on these >resolutions?? -- I would like more information on "HIS SPY service. Would the 9 volume set >of Georgia Military Affairs 1775-1842 help me?? Any suggestions or help on where/what I >should do next. Thanks!! > > Has anyone else research for spies?? > >Hazel Voris >

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