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    1. [FRONGOCH] Season's Greetings
    2. Emily
    3. Dear List members, It has been quite some time since I've written or since I have heard from many of you. I'm sure we have all been very busy with other parts of our genealogy as well as our lives. I am just writing to let you know the list still exists, and if anyone discovers a new tidbit, we'd love to help you celebrate your great find.... if you let us know! <vbg> Just to let you know....I'm currently working on a book for my Ogan line (An Ogan wife descended from Sarah Evans, dau of Evan ab Evan of Frongoch, Merioneth, North Wales. AND, I am now a grandmother to Averly Emma, born 3 Jun 2002. My husband and I are planning to retire within the year (hopefully June, but at the latest next December), and after that, I hope to return to Wales (among other places) within a short time. Just recently, I heard from our friend Keith in Bala (...again, thanks to Roland for finding him...) and he writes that he has changed businesses. He has now acquired new properties for weekly rental to vacationers. Always curious, I asked more about them and find they are quite old and typical of Welsh country homes. The location seems wonderful! SO...we have many places to go when we visit again. If interested, you can see them on the Web at: SO...keep another trip in mind...start saving your pennies. It could happen! There could be other parties out there who are interested in going.... Let's hear from you, if so. Maybe others would like to join you... (For those new to the list, check the archives prior to and after July 2000 as six of us did visit our ancestral home of Frongoch.) (AND...I'm sure you could get a lot of great advice from those of us who have gone...) Have a Wonderful Holiday...My best to all of you! Emily List Admin

    12/15/2002 12:27:07