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    1. [FOOE] Paterson Aerie #43
    2. Charles & Linda
    3. Are membership records available from old aeries? If so, do they contain any useful information for a genealogist? I just found my husband's great grandfather's obituary in which it says he was a member of F.O.E. Aerie #43 in Paterson, NJ in the early 1900's. He died young in October of 1907, so couldn't have been a member for very long. I see there are no aeries in NJ now. Would the records have been passed on to the national organization? The name is Victor Van Derspiegel of 65 Butler Street, Paterson, NJ though he moved often so may have joined from another Paterson address. His local aerie attended his funeral. In addition to when he joined, is it possible to find out if other Van Derspiegels or DeWinnes were members? When did the Paterson aerie close? Thank you for anything you can tell me. Though I know of the Masons, Elks, and Moose, I had never heard of the Eagles before this. Linda Pauwels

    03/06/2004 12:59:26