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    3. We invite anybody and everybody with an interest in genealogy, family history, and Acadian/Cajun history, culture & traditions to join one or more of our Google Groups. You don’t have to have been raised by an Acadian/Cajun Mother or Grandmother to join our “Research Family”. We firmly believe anybody with any kind of connection to Acadie/Acadia, Louisiana, and/or any early French settlers in North America can benefit from and contribute to our Groups. There are two types of Google Groups: Public, where everybody can see all the posts/items on the site, and Private, which only allows members to see what's on the site. It’s possible to simultaneously join several Public and Private groups and have the capability to send one post to every Group you’ve subscribed to. Regardless of whether the group you join is Public or Private, there are two ways to use it to receive replies to your inquiries.  You can use it like a “Mail list”, where you will immediately receive all posts via individual email or a daily summary containing all posts.  Or you can use it like a message board, where you will only receive copies of replies to your inquiries,.  You can choose your option from the “settings” menu once you’ve joined the group, or ask the Group Administrator to make the setting for you. Within our “Research Family”, we have a number of different Groups that are a mixture of Public and Private. Since it may seem a little overwhelming to determine which Group or Groups you would like to join, here is a quick summary of each one within the "family”. To get more information on these groups, go to their listed website(s). (Where no site is listed, contact the POC for more information.) If the Group is Public, you can submit a request to join through the site; if Private, request to join from the listed Point of Contact (POC). Please note this is only a partial list; more family and Parish groups may be added over the next few weeks. Our Acadian Roots (OAR),!forum/ouracadianroots . A Public group. For research on all Acadian ancestors back to their arrival in North America. Also very beneficial if you have Cajun or Colonial Louisiana ancestors ancestors (e.g., Creole, Islenos, John Law’s “Germans”, etc.). If your research includes any Acadian ancestors, regardless of where they were born, or ancestors primarily from the "Acadiana Triangle" (i.e., Lake Charles to Alexandria to Grand-Isle), this is probably the Group you should join first. (POC: ) Our Louisiana Roots (OLR),!forum/ourlouisianaroots . A Public group. As its name implies, focuses on all Louisiana ancestors. Very beneficial if your starting point is your ancestors who came to or were born in Louisiana. (POC: ) Our Metis Roots (OMR).  A Private group. Research on Western Metis, Coureurs-de-Bois, Amerindian, and other early French settlers. A Special Interest Group (SIG) that focuses on the Eastern metis.  This group covers a wide range of research and discussions of Canadian genealogy.  Because the Metis and their history can be rather complicated, we will go more in depth on this group’s focus in a different post. (POC: ) Our Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Family Tree DNA Project, , is not a Google Group, but part of our “research family”. The Acadian Amerindian Ancestry Family Tree DNA project website hosts the DNA test results of individuals who are direct-line descendants of the original Acadian (and other European nation) settlers, as well as the Amerindians who married Acadians and other Coureurs-de-Bois. Please see our other post for an in-depth description of this site’s primary focus and projects. (POC: Marie Rundquist, ) Our Petitpas Roots, A Private group. This group discusses and shares information regarding the Petitpas surname and its numerous variations worldwide. A SIG that focuses on Claude Petitpas, who married Catherine Bugaret about 1658 in Acadia, and his descendants. Also researches/discusses families allied to his family. (POC: ) Our Hotard Roots, a Private group. The goal of this group is to discuss and share information regarding the Hotard surname and its variations in any place and at any time, e.g., Autard, Otarte, Otard.  A SIG that focuses on Mathieu Autard (Hotard) of Bonnieux, France, m 1772 Marie Genevieve Bourgeois, St-Jean-Baptiste LA.  There is a Hotard Roots website on Spokt,  where you can upload graphics, images, photos, etc. about the Hotards. (POC: ) Our DeGruy Roots, a Private group. This group discusses and shares information regarding the DeGruy surname and its numerous variations. Also researches/discusses families allied to the DeGruy family.  A SIG that focuses on immigrant ancestor Antoine Valentin Verloin DeGruy (+1759) (There are many variations to Antoine's name: Antoine, Jean-Baptiste, Valéntin Du Mésnil Fouchard, Verloin de Gruy or Degruys Verloin, Lord Dumenil Fouchard, and Ecuyer de la Folie [Officer of the Troups of the Navy of this Colony].) Antoine married Marie Therese Aufrere, daughter of Antoine Aufrere and Marie Mathurine Guillemet dit LaLande, in 1743 at Fort de Chartres. There is a DeGruy Family Collaboration Site at Spokt where you can upload graphics, images, and/or photos (POC: ) Our Evans-Richard Roots, a Private group. This group will focus only on those Evanses who descend from our immigrant ancestor, Richard Evans [+1703] and his son, Samuel Evans [+1770], and their allied families. This Evans family migrated from Maryland to Pennsylvania to Kentucky to Ohio. The New Orleans branch also included Evanses who had lived in Indiana, Ohio and Louisiana. Our Evans-Richard Roots has a site on Spokt,  where you can upload graphics, images, and/or photos. (POC: ) Lousiana Orleans Parish Roots (LAOrleans) A Private group. For any genealogical pursuits involving Orleans Parish and surrounding parishes, as many people came through the port of Orleans and moved to other parishes. If your ancestors lived at any time in Orleans Parish, you may want to join this group. (POC: Marsha, ) Breaux du Monde Family Newsletter. For anybody with Breau/Breaux/Braud ancestors in their family line.  Contact for a full copy of the newsletter & how to join the association.  As Cousine Gayle Breaux likes to say in her newsletter, "Y'all come pass a good time!” Les Guédry et Petitpas d'Asteur is the family association of the Guédry and Petitpas families that descend from Claude Guédry & Marguerite Petitpas and from Claude Petitpas & Catherine Bugaret.  We have members from throughout the United States and Canada.  We have two websites for our family..  The first website below is our family website with all back issues of our family newsletter "Generations" as well as a lot of other information about the family.  The second website is the beginning our genealogical database on the Guédry family. In addition, we have a Facebook Page at:édry-dAsteur-Guidry-Labine-Labean-Jeddry-Geddry-Petitpas-387769648496/     It can be accessed when on Facebook by typing guidry-labine in the search box at the top of the page. Everything we have available is free to anyone interested. On 5 October 2020 we will have a Reunion with the Hébert and Breaux families at Rayne, LA - the ballroom of the Rayne Civic Center just off I-10.  It will be from 9 am until 3:30 pm with a couple of presentations, a Cajun musician or two, displays and lots of time for meeting and greeting cousins.  We're having a master Cajun chef prepare a big jambalaya dinner with black-eyed peas and will supply the fixings (desserts, salads, breads, drinks).  All is FREE and everyone with an interest in any of our families is welcome to attend.  Our latest issue of "Generations" has all the details. Martin Guidry 6139 North Shore Drive Baton Rouge, LA  70817 225-571-9726 (cell) Les Guédry et Petitpas d'Asteur, Inc. The Grand Réveil Acadien 2020 (GRA2020), October 3-11.  GRA2020 will once again gather Acadians from all corners of the US and the world, as well as strive to educate everybody about our culture. This year will be a gathering of a family so big that Acadians from around the globe, many who speak different languages, work in different fields, and have different traditions but still feel like they belong to the same family, will meet to celebrate the historic ties that connect them all. Young and old will get to meet long-lost family members, hear about how their ancestors lived as well as how their cousins live now, share stories of their families’ successes and heartaches in the places they settled, and watch and hear the music and art that has come from these cultural roots. It will be a mix of entertainment, education, connection, and enrichment. The planned activities highlight how our history has made the Cajuns and Acadians who they are today, and how they have impacted North America.  Other planned events include a massive reunion of all the Louisiana participants at the Université Sainte-Anne French Immersion, a Tintamarre in Lafayette on October 11th and many other community activities in cities and towns throughout southern Louisiana. For further details, go to the GRA2020 Facebook page , which is updated constantly. They will also soon have an active website at  If/when other groups join our research family, we will send out notices of their name, their focus, and their POCs. On behalf of all of our POCs, we hope to hear from you soon! 

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