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    1. [FORD] MCCABE - FORD or FLOOD or FLOODS Family Photograph
    2. Shelley Cardiel via
    3. I've "rescued" an old photograph of Mrs. Maria MCCABE LACEY of Annandale, MN which was taken at the J. F. Bradley Studio in Perth, Ontario, Canada. The photograph appears to have been taken in the 1870's or 1880's with Maria likely in her 40's or 50's at the time. In addition to her name and location some has also noted that she is the sister of Margaret MCCABE. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Maria and her family: Maria "Marie" Maud MCCABE was b. 1835 in Monageer/Boulavogue, County Wexford, Ireland to parents John MCCABE (1802-1876) and Mary FLOOD or FLOODS or FORD (1801-1883). Maria was one of 9 children born to this couple including, Maria Maud; Margaret; Ann; James; Michael John; Alice; Margaret; Jane; and Patrick MCCABE all between 1835 and 1845. Maria married Jeremiah LACY (1821 or 1825-1866 - son of Michael LACY and Catherine PHELAN of Barthurst Township) on 27 Nov 1858 and together they had 5 children including, Catherine "Kate"; John William; Mary; Michael; and Peter Jeremiah LACEY, all born between 1859 and 1865. Maria died 22 May 1911 in Drummond, Lanark, Ontario, Canada. At the time of her death her son Peter LACEY was living in Grand Forks, ND. Another son, Michael LACEY was also living in Grand Forks, ND when he married Elizabeth SHERIDAN in Lanark, Ontario, Canada at the age of 38, listing his occupation at the time as "Milk Vendor". Census records provide the following details: 1871 census of South Lanark, Ontario, Canada: Maria LACY, age 34, born Ireland, a Dressmaker Catherine LACY, age 12, born Ontario John LACY, age 10, born Ontario Mary LACY, age 8, born Ontario Michael LACY, age 7, born Ontario Peter LACY, age 5, born Ontario 1881 census of Lanark South, Ontario, Canada: Maria LACEY, age 45, born Ireland, a Widow Catharine LACEY, age 21, born Ontario John LACEY, age 19, born Ontario Mary LACEY, age 18, born Ontario Michael LACEY, age 16, born Ontario Peter LACEY, age 15, born Ontario 1891 census of Perth Centre, Ontario, Canada: Catherine HORAN, age 30, a widow, born Ontario, parents born Ireland Northa HORAN, age 3, born Ontario, parents born Ontario Daniel HORAN, age 2, born Ontario, parents born Ontario Annie HORAN, age 2 months, born Ontario, parents born Ontario Maria LACEY, age 53, a widow, born Ireland, parents born Ireland Mary LACEY, age 29, born Ontario, parents born Ireland, a Dressmaker I am hoping to locate someone from this MCCABE - LACEY Family so that the photograph can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    09/06/2015 03:48:25