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    1. [FLFRANKL]new list home is FL-FRANKLIN
    2. Timothy Stowell
    3. A new home for the Franklin county mailing list has been set up. In a few minutes, I'll send out personal invitations to the subscribers of this list who wish to join the new group will be able to do so. I can not add members directly. It should be a link you can click that will let you 'accept' the invitation to join the new group. You may need to check your spam folder as I can't say when such will be delivered. If you don't find an invitation in your email you may also go to this site - and select Join Group. Of course, folks may still post to this list through 3/1. Tim Stowell

    02/11/2020 07:59:41
    1. [FLFRANKL]Status of the Franklin county mailing list - 2020
    2. Timothy Stowell
    3. As of now, the Franklin county mailing list has 32 subscribers. In light of this list closing on March 2nd, with the full knowledge of the list owner - Susan Penn Groover, I have set up a new home for this list. I've recently set up similar homes for other Florida Rootsweb lists that will be going defunct next month. In my next email, later today, I'll send you further information regarding this and how to join the new home for this list. Tim Stowell Chattanooga

    02/11/2020 06:57:54
    1. [FLFRANKL]Leave a Farewell Message
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. /_*Leave a Farewell Message*_/ This post was by Judith to MODAVIES: suggestion: People may want to post a "farewell" message on the mailing list before it goes to archive, and in this message include an email you plan to keep for the foreseeable future. A separate email could be set up expressly for this purpose if it is more convenient/secure. (You'll want web-based, not provider-based.) That way, if someone peruses the archive & finds a possible connection, they would have a way to get in touch with you privately. I have been on a couple of lists that went archival at some point, and I really wish I had done that, as our old email was provider-based and - once that provider went defunct, people looking through the defunct mailing list had no way to contact me (nor I them) It's easier to track people down these days, but I'd still suggest this. I think this to be an excellent idea, wish I thought it. I would like to expand to suggest that a post to include Your name, best address to reach you (one that might be dedicated to your genealogy research), a list surname(s) of interest, a list to places of interest (country, region, state, county), subject of interest, snail mail address (at your own risk), telephone number (again at your own risk), web address if you have a website, where you “moved.” Please keep in mind these to be suggestions and you should only provide what you would be comfortable for “ibots” to find. Might not want to wait to last minute. This would give system to process information and have it posted. With this in mind, please do not be concerned when you see my post to the nearly 300 (took inventory; final count was 298 – just sharing) mailing lists I admin. I will be leaving my time capsule to the list(s) in the coming days. But I will be here til Roots Web turn off the lights and lock the door. Let me take a few lines to acknowledge all the “thank-you” I have received. I started with a few surnames and expanded to counties more recently. But you are all “welcomed.” I try serve with the volunteer spirit and a happy heart. Please overlook my frustration that may boil to the top in the coming days. Susan

    01/13/2020 12:32:32
    1. [FLFRANKL]Ramblings from the Backseat
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. /_*Ramblings from the Backseat*_/ Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails. I have already announced that as of March 2^nd , when Roots Web ceases to function as a mailing list that I will be hanging up my administrator's hat. These are my observations and suggestions going forward. First and foremost, someone needs to step-up to be new administrator, chairman, leader, whatever title you like. Next a decision should be made whether to remain a mailing list or a bulletin board. Of course, what is to say both could be established. I personally have not read, but Dick Eastman has endorsed as a venue for mailing list. From what little time I have had, I would lean toward to maintain mailing list format. I have no experience with bulletin boards therefore I have no input. I am hearing Facebook, but I have issues with privacy and whether someone would make the site secure enough. I am sure there are other venues for bulletin board format. Can not stop someone setting up FB account, just do not bother to invite me. Also, Ancestry has an established bulletin board area, it is functioning. Due to the activity on most state lists, my next suggestion would be that county mailing lists consolidate to form one state list. When activity is established divide into regions. Too much activity then establish a county list (start at the top and drill down). Under the blanket of a state list posting could use subject line to keep the identity of the county ie; SUBJECT: [AL-SUMTER] Looking for … Surname lists are a horse of a different color. Suggestion here would be to make use of subject line. Kinda like reading a newspaper, the subject line is like a headline of a newspaper. Personally I pay attention to an informative subject line. A worry in the back of my mind is with the “mass exodus” from Roots Web to other venue on whether that venue can handle the new activity or whether “we” will cause that venue to crash and burn. Here's hoping that is a needless concern. Once the list is established … there needs to be centralized place where a directory or a place of registration that searching community would go to find the list. Since I am US based, USGenWeb comes to mind. This maybe more difficult step. USGenWeb sites are individually maintained. Hearing rumblings that this may be solved in the near future. Last concern (for the moment) would be “being nice and playing well with others.” Personally, have not experienced this problem. Frustration, maybe. Especially when Roots Web fell apart and returned “fixed” with continuing problems. For example, I still have to push through a post from someone using AOL. AOL users … this is why your post takes a little longer to be seen. Sorry, I do my best with the tools I have to work with. Patience is probably going to be the keyword in days to come. Patience with the leaders that will step forward. They are going to be putting a lot on their plates and will need support in establishing a new venue and getting it working, establishing their rules, etc. Congratulation to those lists that have found a “new home.” From what I see you are in good hands! Will try to make this last posting to those newly adopted lists. (Posting to all lists today.) At this point in time, Family Trees, Message Boards, Web Sites, & Wiki at Roots Web are not effected to my knowledge. Of course, Message Boards are already part of Ancestry. So open conversation. Work on finding a volunteer to lead the list forward. I'm gonna stop rambling for the moment. I'm here till they turn off the lights and lock the door. Susan

    01/12/2020 01:17:33
    1. [FLFRANKL]Unsubscribing from Mailing List(s)
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. -- /_*Unsubscribing from Mailing List(s)*_/ With the upcoming changes to Roots Web, some have decided to “leave early.” Which I personally understand. Since I am busy, I would like to ask for your help. Should you make the decision to close your membership to list please do the following: Insert or substitute listname before dash. To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to <> with the word "unsubscribe" without the quotes in the subject and the body of the email with no additional text. OR A link is provided at the bottom of individual and digests. Help in this area will be completely appreciated and will be considered an act of kindness. --- Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.

    01/11/2020 01:38:31
    1. [FLFRANKL]Genealogy of Roots Web
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. /_*Genealogy of Roots Web*_/ Since most of us are genealogists or family historians, I write this to answer the primary questions I am receiving in “genealogy speak.” Mailing lists were scattered about the Internet prior to the conception of Roots Web (ie: AOL, Prodigy, Compuserve, and others) BIRTH: Sometime in 1996, Karen & Brian Leverich, conceived what it is now known as Roots Web. Roots Web grew to host uncountable mailing list of many subjects, surnames, places, etc. These mailing lists were free to its users/subscribers. MARRIAGE: June 2000. Roots Web was married (purchased by) Ancestry, Inc. with prenuptial agreement that mailing list services would remain free. I believe to be sometime in 2015, our beloved Roots Web began to suffer health issues. My speculation is outgrew its existence and its host was unable to keep up without a major and costly overhaul. After a year plus, Roots Web reopened its doors, but a lot of her faithful subscribers had lost interest or found other vehicles to convey their passages of information. During this time, other updates on the Internet have occurred. These changes have caused some subscribers unable to participate. Not qualified to expand on this other than to say that some folks have lost connection with Roots Web, DEATH: 2 March 2020. Beginning March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails. Additionally, administration tools will no longer be available to list administrators and mailing lists will be put into an archival state. BURIAL: Archives will be available to peruse. No further information as to where, how long, or whether a price tag will be added. Hope this helps. Susan Penn Groover

    01/10/2020 07:46:54
    1. [FLFRANKL]Update
    2. Susan Penn Groover
    3. Hi everyone! This has been heavy on my heart since Ancestry / Roots Web announcement. I have been admin / moderator for various mailing lists for 25+ years (some lists that predate Roots Web). The options for change do not fit my personal criteria. This is, also, not happening at a time I am able to give personal time for this change. Plus, I think Ancestry is not given an adequate “heads up” for this change. (I personally admin 200+ lists) So I have made the decision to become a subscriber as opposed to an administrator. I will remain admin to the mailing lists I currently admin till Roots Web makes the changes they propose on March 2^nd . I am leaving the decision for change to the list members. I am still gathering options. I will post suggestions in the next few days. The major option I am hearing is Facebook. I suppose this could work. But Facebook, in my humble opinion, would be turning a mailing list into a message board. And various mailing list members have stated they would not Facebook. Personally, I am in this bucket. I have personal issues with Facebook. Open discussion on the list. Voice your opinion. Enough for now. Will post more on other options in the future. Susan Penn Groover, List Administrator --- Genealogy: Where you confuse the dead and irritate the living.

    01/09/2020 07:35:10
    1. [FLFRANKL] Cumberland Gap Tennessee Genealogy and History Group, A.K.A (CGTGHG)
    2. david via
    3. We would like to announce the forming of a new organization the Cumberland Gap Tennessee Genealogy and History Group, A.K.A (CGTGHG) which propose to record and preserve. The goal of the group is to promote Genealogy with the recording of Pioneerâs and their descendantâs while also preserving and recording Cumberland Gapâs history. The CGTGHG hopeâs the Nation will get behind the group by submitting pioneerâs names, stories, pictures and Genealogies to be preserved for future generations to come. The CGTGHG will be having a newsletter 4 times a year and will have memberships available on different levels more on that to come. You can go to our website at [1] or [2] Thank You, David A Nelson Jr Website and Social Media References 1. 2.

    11/10/2014 02:16:49
    1. [FLFRANKL] Tallahassee Genealogical Soc. Spring Seminar 3-29-14
    2. TheTallahassee Genealogical Society (TGS) is pleased to announce their Spring Seminarfeaturing speaker Ann Mohr Osisek. Theseminar will be held 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 29th at theTallahassee Community College, Center for Workforce Development, 444 AppleyardDr, Bldg 38. Registrationis $55.00 for TGS Members (with membership paid by 10/1/13), and $65.00 for allothers. Continental breakfast and lunch are included, if you register by March17th. Ms.Osisek will provide both beginning and experienced family historians withinformation about research methods. Topicsare: Legends, Lies and Lineages; Not Just a Clockmaker; Calico andCornbread; and Out of the Census Into the Bookstacks. Ms.Osisek has taught genealogy classes in Central Florida for more than twodecades, including the Disney Institute in Orlando. She is a Past President ofthe Florida State Genealogical Society and was a 1997 recipient of thatsociety’s Outstanding Achievement Award, in recognition of her contributions tothe field of genealogical education. Ms. Osisek has been published in theAssociation of Professional Genealogists Quarterly and numerous genealogicaland historical society journals. Apre-seminar “Meet and Greet” will be held Friday evening, with a separate registration. Seatingfor both events is limited. For either Seminar or “Meet and Greet” registration,please email tgsseminar@gmail.comor call TGS President Jay P. Collins at 850-566-8479.

    03/05/2014 03:55:39
    1. [FLFRANKL] WFGS Smolenyak Seminar 2013
    2. C. G. Dean
    3. WFGS Fall Seminar - Megan Smolenyak Date: November 9, 2013 Place: Washington High School Auditorium, 6000 College Parkway, Pensacola, FL Time: Registration - 8:00-9:00 AM Seminar 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Speaker: Megan Smolenyak - Popular genealogist, speaker and author of six books. Google her name for lots of background. For more information, visit the WFGS web site: Click on 2013 Calendar. Scroll down to Nov. 9 for speaker's topics, map & directions and registration form. Pre-register by October 20.

    07/20/2013 01:57:01
    1. [FLFRANKL] WFGS Smolenyak Seminar CANCELLED
    2. C. G. Dean
    3. The West Florida Genealogical Society regrets that Megan Smolenyak has cancelled her appearance in Pensacola on Nov. 3 due to the fact that she is in the Philadelphia area and in the path of the impending storm, "Sandy." We are very sorry but feel it is the prudent thing to do. All those who have already registered will be refunded or their checks returned. You will be contacted, soon. Mrs. Smolenyak suggested shemight be able to come in February, 2013, but we will have to start all over with plans. There will not be a meeting in November. If you have questions, let us know. Cynthia Dean 850-432-7072

    10/29/2012 03:35:47
    1. [FLFRANKL] WFGS Fall Seminar Nov. 3 - Megan Smolenyak
    2. C. G. Dean
    3. Sponsor: West Florida Genealogical Society Date: Nov. 3, 2012 Time: 9:00 AM - registration 8:00 Place: Washington High School Auditorium, 6000 College Blvd., Pensacola, FL Speaker: Megan Smolenyak For details about times, topics and registration, please see our web sites: (Click 2012 Calendar) Mrs. Smolenyak is a well-known author and speaker on genealogy. Her most recent books are Hey, America, Your Roots Are Showing and Who Do You Think You Are?: The Essential Guide to Tracing Your Family History, companion guide to the NBC series. She was awarded the 2010 NGS Award of Merit, recipient of four Telly awards and board member of the Association of Professional Genealogists. Contact: Cynthia Dean

    08/27/2012 03:14:49
    1. [FLFRANKL] Last Reminder Mills Seminar - Nov. 6
    2. Cynthia Dean
    3. Only a week away! We are very excited. If you have not registered yet, please do so now, or at least let me know you are planning to come, even if you plan to register at the door. I expect to make copies of speaker handouts and do name tags this Wed. The theater-style auditorium is beautiful with plenty of room, comfortable seating and a clear view of the screen from anywhere. Who: Elizabeth Shown Mills (See below for details about her.) What: Genealogy Seminar When: Nov. 6, 2010 Check-in/Registration 8-8:50 AM. Time 9 AM-4 PM Where: Pensacola, FL Washington High School Auditorium Sponsored by: West Florida Genealogical Society About Elizabeth... She has served as president of the Board for Certification of Genealogists, as well as the American Society of Genealogists. She edited the National Genealogical Society Quarterly for 16 years, making it into a leading forum for the teaching of research methods and principles. For many years, she has been a very popular instructor at Samford University in Birmingham with her Advanced Research Methodology Track. She has written 13 books and over 500 articles and essays. Her latest book is Evidence Explained:Citing History Sources from Artifacts to Cyberspace. Elizabeth also wrote Professional Genealogy:A Manual for Researchers, Writers, Editors, Lecturers and Librarians. Both are essentials for personal and professional genealogists. She has written an historical novel called Isle of Canes, an epic account of a Creole family through four generations as it rose from slavery to rule Cane River's fabled Isle (a story drawn from Elizabeth's personal research in the archives of six nations). It was declared a "masterpiece" by Historical Novels Review. She is the genealogist who has had the most impact on American genealogy in the post-Roots era. For more details about the topics and registration: Cynthia Dean, President 850-432-7072 WFGS

    10/30/2010 02:57:46
    1. [FLFRANKL] Elizabeth Shown Mills Seminar Nov. 6
    2. Cynthia Dean
    3. We are now processing registrations for the Elizabeth Shown Mills seminar in Pensacola, FL on Nov. 6, sponsored by the West Florida Genealogical Society. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity to hear one of the most fantastic genealogy speakers in the country. Go here for more information about the topics and the schedule. Early resigtration will insure that we have an adequate supply of handouts, etc. Direct link to Registration Form: If you need fliers for your group or library or more information, contact Cynthia Dean 850-432-7072 Looking forward to seeing many of you. Cynthia Dean, President West Florida Genealogical Society

    09/22/2010 07:43:49
    1. [FLFRANKL] List available
    2. Shirley
    3. Dear Friends -   I have learned that your listmaster Cliff Fiveash passed away in 2009.  I have handled his lists for the past 3 years, after doing so periodically when serious weather was headed to his area (read:  hurricanes).  Whenever a hurricane was projected to hit Florida, one of the things on his emergency checklist was to get in touch with me and transfer the lists.  Cliff had medical problems the last few years as well which prevented him from handling the lists.    Due to time constraints I need to pass this list along to someone who can devote time to it.  I would like to see it more active but my work schedule (graveyard) does not allow me to dedicate the time needed to keep things going.  I would like to know if anyone on the list is interested in taking the reins.  You do not need previous list experience and I will always be here to help if it's needed.   If you are interesting in hosting the list, please send me an email privately to and    1.  explain your desire for the list's direction, 2.  your experience in running a mailing list, and 3.  why you specifically would like to take over this one.   I am doing this for a large number of lists as Cliff had quite a few of them.  When you email me, please put the LIST NAME in the subject line so I know which one has piqued your interest.  Any messages received without the list name in the subject line will be deleted.   If no one on the list expresses interest, I will explore other avenues to have someone take the reins.   Thank you, Shirley Maples list hostess

    09/21/2010 06:16:55
    1. [FLFRANKL] Elizabeth Shown Mills Seminar Nov. 6 update
    2. Cynthia Dean
    3. Due to a very positive interest in the Elizabeth Shown Mills seminar sponsored by the West Florida Genealogical Society in Pensacola, FL on Nov. 6, 2010, we have selected the new Washington High School theater/auditorium for the site. It's a lovely place with raised, theater-style, padded seats. I cannot send attachments on the Roots lists, but if you would like a flier for your library or organization, please write to me. To update your web sites, events calendars, genealogical societies, friends, neighbors and for your personal information: WFGS site has links to below. Direct link to Elizabeth Shown Mills info Direct link to Registration Form for Mills Seminar We are really looking forward to this exciting seminar and hope to see many of you there. If you have any questions, write me back. Cynthia Dean, President West Florida Genealogical Society

    06/29/2010 08:45:08
    1. [FLFRANKL] Elizabeth Shown Mills Nov. 6
    2. Cynthia Dean
    3. Subject: Elizabeth Shown Mills - Seminar - Nov. 6 - Pensacola, FL Mark your calendars! Sat. Nov. 6, 2010 - 9 AM - 3 PM The internationally known and very popular genealogy lecturer, author, editor and translator, Elizabeth Shown Mills, will present an interesting and informational seminar on the following topics: *Genealogical Problem Solving: Professional Techniques for Everyday Success. *Finding Origins and Birth Families: Methods that Work *In a Rut? 7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Research *The Genealogical Proof Standard: How to Build a Case When No Record States the Answer To learn more about her professional background, honors and publications, google Elizabeth Shown Mills. She is cited in the National Genealogical Society Quarterly and the New England Register as "the genealogist who had the most impact on American genealogy in the post-Roots era." Cost will be $36 plus optional lunch, or you may eat elsewhere. We will let you know more details at a future time. You won't want to miss this grand opportunity. Let us know ASAP if you would likely attend. We want to reserve an adequate venue so as not to turn anyone away. Contact Cynthia Dean 850-432-7072

    04/24/2010 11:23:12
    1. [FLFRANKL] Note from list hostess
    2. Shirley
    3. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I've been offline for the past two months. I finally was able to connect with my laptop using dial-up (ugh!! LOL). Talk about going through Internet withdrawals!! As it is now, I get online after 9 p.m. Pacific Time so that is the best time to expect a reply from me. I apologize for being absent from the lists. Believe me, it was not by choice! I sincerely hope no problems arose that couldn't be worked out amicably. Please make note of my new email address: Shirley Maples list hostess :)

    10/14/2008 07:12:25
    1. [FLFRANKL] George Field in Franklin Co. FL ca 1835-1842
    2. Barbara Howell
    3. I am looking for any information on George Field, who was apparently an early settler and businessman in Franklin County. He purchased several pieces of property in Muscogee County (Columbus), Georgia, in the late 1830s and early 1840s while maintaining his residence in Franklin County. I am hoping to connect him to a Laurence Field (born ca 1796 in PA), who was a mechanic living in Columbus in the 1850 census, and Charles Field (born ca 1827 in NC), who was living with Laurence's family (probably one of Laurence's sons) and was a steamboat mechanic/engineer. I can find no deeds or other records for Laurence, possibly indicating he lived on property owned by someone else- possibly some of that purchased by George Field? Since Apalachicola and Columbus had a strong connection, being at opposite ends of the navigable portion of the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee River system, and my Field family on the Columbus end had a connection to steamboating, I have high hopes of there being a connection between these two Field families. Any enlightenment on George Field would be most helpful! Barbara

    12/29/2006 04:57:45
    1. [FLFRANKL] October Florida Chapter APG Meeting
    2. Yolanda Campbell Lifter
    3. The next meeting of the Florida Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogist will be held on Saturday, 7 October 2006, at the Leesburg Public Library. The Board Meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. followed by the General Meeting at 10:30 a.m. Guests are welcome to attend. Our member Mitchell Brown will be giving a talk titled "Researching the Indian Wars of the Southeast, 1813-1858." Leesburg Public Library 204 N. 5th St. Leesburg, FL 34748 (352) 728-9790 Lunch will be at Bob Evans Restaurant (1205 N. 14th St., Leesburg) which is about 1 1/2 miles from the library. Yolanda Campbell Lifter, Program Chair Malabar, FL

    09/06/2006 11:11:31