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    1. [Fiji] Andrew Edward
    2. Robert Carson
    3. I am seeking information about Andrew Edward, born 1841 Nigg, Kincardineshire, Scotland. According to family legend he went to Fiji where he married. He is last recorded in Scotland in 1862. To trade he was a mechanical engineer. My theory is that he went to Fiji to install a steam engine for use in a cotton mill, and it was later re-used in a sugar mill on the Salialevu Estate on Taveuni. According to Fiji Times Online dated October 31, 2010, machinery (steam engine and gear train) has survived in the remains of a sugar mill there. The gear wheels bear the words Blaikie Brothers Engineers, Aberdeen, and the date 1863. Blaikie Brothers’ ironworks were a fairly short distance from his home on the southern outskirts of Aberdeen, so I am assuming that he worked there. Are there likely to be any marriage, death, burial or other records for Andrew? Any information will be gratefully received. Robert Carson, Glasgow, Scotland

    06/01/2014 05:58:07