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    3. Hello Listers: Any concerns/questions, please contact: To subscribe/unsubscribe: To subscribe in Digest mode: To send a message/post to the List: >>>>>> FYI Only <<<<<< Mode = manner/method/way. There are two modes in which to subscribe: 1. The -L mode now the "regular" mode. All regular subscribers receive posts/messages made to the list as separate/individual emails. 2. The -D mode and now the "digest" mode. All digest subscribers receive posts/messages made to the list as one BIG email. If you previously subscribed to the list in both -L and -D modes using the same email address, you will find that you are *no longer* subscribed in Digest mode. The new software doesn't permit the same address to be subscribed in both -L and -D modes. Therefore, if you wish to receive both modes, you will need to subscribe to the Digest using a different email address. Please give me a contact should anyone need further elaboration. Regards, --Manaia [List-Admin] (30 members total)

    08/07/2011 04:16:06