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    1. Trip to Lewis County, Washington
    2. Beth Brown
    3. Hello all: The first week of August I will be making a trip to Lewis County in Washington State. I will be meeting a cousin there and we will be making the rounds of several cemeteries in the eastern part of the county. As I will be taking my new digital camera with me with its big memory chip, I'm extending the offer to take photos of headstones. But... I will need to know the cemetery the person is buried in and a name. I do not guarantee my expertise with a camera nor do I guarantee that I will be able to visit every cemetery or find every grave that is being looked for... BUT I WILL TRY. Any requests will need to be to me by Sunday, August 1st so that I will have the time to lay out my itinerary. Beth Brown [email protected] List Mom for WALEWIS and FAAS

    07/11/2004 12:40:24