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    1. [FAAS] SPAM
    2. Beth Brown
    3. Unfortunately, this message isn't about that salty stuff that comes in a can . . . which I happen to actually enjoy. Everyday I get a number of messages that are considered "bounces." This happens when the spammers use the [email protected] address in an attempt to post their messages. For the first time, for me at least, I had a spammer figure out how to subscribe to one of the lists. That individual then posted a pornographic message to that list this morning. For those of you who received the message, be assured that the person has been "unsubscribed." I have now reset each of the lists so that anyone wishing to subscribe will have their request routed to me first instead of being automatically added. While I feel this to be a form of censorship, I don't see any other way to avoid this happening in the future. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Beth Brown List Mom for WALEWIS, FAAS, BRANSTETTER & HURT

    01/28/2003 05:40:41