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    1. [FAAS] Fw: Come to a "Dead-end"?
    2. Beth Brown
    3. I got this from another list that I belong to. I actually did find some data that is worth researching further. You just never know. Enjoy!!! Beth Brown List Mom for WALEWIS, FAAS, BRANSTETTER, & HURT > If you have come to a "dead-end" - as opposed to a brick-wall - maybe > you'll find your missing ancestor here. >

    09/16/2002 11:19:41
    2. Beth Brown
    3. Got this in the email this morning and thought you all might enjoy it...Beth, list mom THE GENEALOGIST'S LAMENT I started out calmly, tracing my tree, To find, if I could, the making of me; And all that I had was great grandfather's name, Not knowing his wife or from which he came. I chased him across a long line of states, And came up with pages and pages of dates. When all put together, it made me forlorn; I'd proved that poor grandpa had never been born. One day, I was sure the truth I had found, Determined to turn this whole thing upside down. I looked up the record of one Uncle John, But then found the old man was as young as his son. Then, when my hopes were fast growing dim, I came across records that must have been him. But the facts I collected made me quite sad, Dear old great grandpa was never a dad. I think maybe someone is pulling my leg, I'm not all sure I wasn't hatched from an egg, After hundreds of dollars I've spent on my tree, I cannot help but wonder if I'm really me. author anonymous

    08/26/2002 12:26:29
    2. Beth Brown
    3. FYI Beth Brown List Mom > SERVER UPGRADING — SERVERS TEMPORARILY DOWN > > To improve site performance, RootsWeb is upgrading its servers. As a result > there may be times when you will be unable to access portions of the site. > Feel free to continue your research using other resources at or > > > The following resources are disabled and/or may not be working as they > normally would today (Friday): any websites that begin with >

    07/05/2002 06:03:39
    1. [FAAS/FAASS] RootsWeb Upgrading Servers
    2. Beth Brown
    3. I received the following from RootsWeb this morning: "Beginning Monday, 10 June 2002, RootsWeb will begin the complex and time-consuming process of upgrading our servers to new hardware. o What does this mean for you? Well, it means some servers will be unavailable during this time and we are asking for your patience." This means that new messages will not be posted to the lists when the server is off-line. However, as soon as the new server is on-line these messages should post. I have no way of knowing when they will be working on any of the lists that I administer. If you have sent a message and it has not been posted within 48 hours then please re-send it. Thanks for your understanding, Beth Brown List mom for WALEWIS, FAAS, & BRANSTETTER

    06/11/2002 04:51:25
    1. [FAAS/S] SPAM
    2. Beth Brown
    3. Although rootsweb tries to block spam, lately there has been an increase of it slipping through. I get a copy of everything stopped as spam in case it isn't actually spam. It is amazing how much spam is blocked. And some definitely inappropriate spam just made it through. I am very concerned about losing subscribers due to this. I want everyone to know that I forward each spam message to [email protected] and to the abuse desk of the originating ISP. Yahoo is really good at following up on spam originated by a Yahoo address. Unfortunately, as quickly as these e-mail addresses can be closed, the spammers open new ones. It is recommended that you NEVER reply to these spam messages in any way . . . as a reply or to the unsubscribe address. However, if you have the inclination to do so, please forward the message in entirety to [email protected] (if it came from the list, and you can tell that from checking the routing properties of the offending message) and/or forward the message to the originating ISP (example: [email protected] , just replace the x's with the ISP address. Please contact me with an questions, concerns, and/or suggestions. Beth Brown [email protected] WALEWIS & FAAS list mom

    08/18/2001 10:24:04
    1. [FAAS/S] Genealogy Prayer
    2. Beth Brown
    3. I got the following today and thought many of you might enjoy it. Beth Brown WALEWIS & FAAS list mom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Genealogy is my pastime, I shall not stray; It maketh me to lie down and examine half-buried tombstones, It leadeth me into still court houses; It restoreth my ancestral knowledge. It leadeth me in paths of census records and ship's passenger lists for my surname's sake. Yea, though I walk through the shadows of research libraries and microfilm readers, I shall fear no discouragement, For a strong urge is within me; The curiosity and motivation they comforteth me. It demandeth preparation of storage space for the acquisition of countless documents; It anointest my head with burning midnight oil, My family group sheets runneth over. Surely, birth, marriage and death dates shall follow me all the days of my life; and, I shall dwell in the house of a family-history seeker forever.

    08/06/2001 11:05:15
    1. [FAAS(S)] New List Mom
    2. Beth Brown
    3. Just thought I would send a quick note to introduce myself, since I just adopted this orphan list. I currently live in Oregon but grew up in Lewis and Pacific counties in Washington State. My FAAS(S)s came from the Wuerttemberg, Germany area via Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Lewis County, Washington State. Please feel free to contact me via the list or privately when necessary. Beth Brown WALEWIS and FAAS list mom

    08/06/2001 10:45:25
    1. Pietronella Faas born 1817 St. Kruis, Netherlands
    2. I am trying to find information about the parents of Pietronella Faas who was born 2 Feb 1817 in St. Kruis, Netherlands. C. Day Grand Rapids, Michigan

    01/16/2001 11:09:26