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    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] ADMIN: new home for this list
    2. Lynne
    3. Dear all I'm very pleased to announce that the Eng-Westmorland list will have a new home at Cumbria Family History Society (, effective with the closing of RootsWeb lists on 2 March 2020. John Steel, webmaster of the Society, will give us the details on how to use the Society's facilities. Many thanks to you, John, and to the Society, for taking this on. Before this list closes, if you want future researchers looking at this list's archives to be able to contact you, post your interests. There are over 200 people subscribed to this list, but only one (thank you, Art!) has posted his Westmorland interests so that in the future he can be contacted. See my message at <> for more about posting your interests. If your research takes you away from Westmorland, check out where many former RootsWeb lists have been re-created. A search for keywords, such as the county name and the word RootsWeb, should bring up the relevant list. There's also a group just to announce former RootsWeb lists -- -- but not all former RootsWeb lists are there yet. It's been a pleasure administering this list. I hope to see many of you on or on the Ancestry/RootsWeb message boards. Take care and best of luck with your research. Kind regards, Lynne

    02/27/2020 07:06:33
    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] My Westmorland Name list
    2. PeeDee
    3. pdw5019 at The names that I'm researching are: WINTER (Robert 1793-1876) SEWELL/SEWEL (Mary 1787-1839) GARDNER (Jane 1880-1902) EGGLESTON (William 1819-1896) RIDLEY (Elizabeth 1828-1883) ROBINSON (John 1822-1881) Thanks, Paul Winter Shelby Township, Michigan, USA

    02/27/2020 10:31:56
    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] My Westmorland Name list
    2. Susan Wilson
    3. EssieWNZ at Names of interest to me are: (1) My Great Grandparents WILSON - Thomas (1842-1925) TUNSTALL - Martha (1846-1925) Thomas born Preston Patrick, Kirkby Lonsdale, Westmoreland. Martha born Cotherstone, Yorkshire. Married Romaldkirk, Yorkshire. Emigrated to New Zealand on "Lady Jocelyn" arriving 1872. 1872 census had the family living in Bowes, Yorkshire. Both died Christchurch, New Zealand. Martha's family names: TUNSTALL and TALLENTIRE (2) My Great Great Grandparents WILSON - Edward (1815-1848) - father of Betty, Sarah, Thomas-1842 (above), James-1844 (below), Richard ATKINSON - Margaret (1816-1895) - mother of Betty, Sarah, Thomas-1842 (above), James-1844, Richard; also Betty THOMPSON from 2nd marriage to William THOMPSON (3) My Greatx3 Grandparents WILSON - Thomas (before 1790-1875) SHAW - Betty (about 1783- about 1838) Parents of Edward-1815 (above), Margaret, Richard, James, Thomas, Joseph, Henry (4) Brother of my Great Grandfather WILSON - James (1844-1934) SMITH - Jane (about 1845-1893) James born Borrow Bridge, Orton, Westmoreland; died Mosgiel, New Zealand. Jane born Wiltshire; died Christchurch, New Zealand. Married Mallerstang, Westmoreland. Emigrated to New Zealand on "Crusader" arriving 1873. (5) Further back I have "sketchy" details of this WILSON family going back to 1697. Cheers, Susan Wilson Lower Hutt, New Zealand

    02/27/2020 06:02:00
    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] ADMIN: new home for this list
    2. Cumbria FHS Admin
    3. Dear List Members. As advised by Lynne the Rootsweb ENG-Westmorland list will shortly be closed and this is being replaced by a list on the Cumbria FHS website. Note this list is open to anyone you do not have to be a member to use it. You will shortly be sent an invitation to join this new list, please carry out the instructions in that invitation to be added to this new list, you will not be automatically subscribed and if you do nothing then you will not hear anything further. If you wish to see more details about the lists available or you do not receive the invitation (check you spam folder first) then please check on the Cumbria FHS website for instructions on how to join. The list will work in exactly the same way as this current list, the only differences will be the address which will be and the fact that you will now be able to post in HTML not just TEXT and will be able to add attachments if you wish. I will administer this list for the moment until a new owner for the list can be found. If anyone would like to take on the list then please contact me. John Steel Webmaster Cumbria Family History Society Registered Charity No.518393

    02/27/2020 10:59:31