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    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] ADMIN: post your Westmorland interests
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all Before RootsWeb lists are retired, it would be a good idea to post your interests to this and any other list to which you're subscribed so they're in the archives for future researchers to find. Here's what to do: - Create a new message. Do not reply to this message. - In the subject line, include the surnames you're researching (preferably in all caps) that are relevant to this list. If you are researching a lot of Westmorland surnames, create multiple posts so your messages aren't too long and cluttered. - In the body of your message, include the surnames (in all caps) and an idea of dates. If you have specific information you're seeking, include that, too. - Include your email address in your messages. For the @ sign in your email address, substitute a space and the word "at" followed by another space, e.g., NAME at If your email address is not included in the body of the message no one will be able to contact you since RootsWeb strips the addresses from the From field. If you have any questions about this, please write to me privately off list. No, I still haven't made a decision about replacing this list. If you have questions or comments about that, write to me privately off list. I have to say that I'm extremely surprised at how many of you have questioned the future of this list considering how very few of you have posted over the last year. Quite a few replacement lists have been created at <>. Take a look over there when you get the chance. You can search for lists by keyword. If you're looking for former RootsWeb lists, using the keywords RootsWeb and genealogy should pull up quite a few. A brand new group, RootsWeb-Announce, was created today for former RootsWeb admins to announce their new groups. No announcements have been made to it yet, but it's hoped that in future the names of all the replacement lists will be found there. Kind regards, Lynne list owner

    02/08/2020 02:28:41