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    1. [ENG-WESTMORLAND] Carlisle Journal, 22 Jun 1811 - BMD (2)
    2. Petra Mitchinson
    3. Saturday 22 Jun 1811 (p. 3, col. 3) DIED. [continued] Saturday last, Miss POLLOCK, daughter of Mr. J. POLLOCK, linen-draper, Newcastle. Yesterday week, in Newcastle, aged 28, Mr. Anthony DOBINSON. At Monkwearmouth shore, on Sunday last, aged 70, John BONNER, Esq. merchant. Monday last, at Gateshead, (Newcastle), Mrs. JOPLING, wife of Mr. JOPLING. Sunday last, at Newcastle, Mr. John HALL, saddler, aged 80. Lately, aged 33, Mr. Thomas WYLAM, of the White Hart Inn, Newcastle. Thursday se'nnight, at Newcastle, Mrs. TADMAN, wife of Mr. John TADMAN, perfumer. On Monday last, James GILDART, Esq. one of the senior aldermen of the corporation of Liverpool. At Eriswell, near Maidenhall, Suffolk, aged 101, Mr. James FULLER, one of the people called Quakers; he had children, grand children, great grand children, and great great grand children, to the number of 210. On the 2d inst. at Rushden, in the county of Northampton (whether [sic] he had retired from the Adjutant-General's Office, Horse Guards, in the hope of recovering his health) Mr. William MARSHALL, aged 22, the sixth son of the Rev. J. MARSHALL, of Ireby, in this county. Last week, at Pym's farm, near Wem, Salop, W. West BETTY, Esq. father of the Young Roscius. At Forge, Dumfries-shire, a few days ago, Rear-Admiral James DUNCAN, aged 64. On the 9th April last, in the island of Carriacow, Mr. Wm. GREEN, late of Dumfries. His death was occasioned by a mortification induced by the bursting of a gun. Lately, at Glasgow, Mr. James DUNCAN, sen. bookseller. Saturday se'nnight, Mrs. CLAGUE, of Douglas, Isle of Mann, in the 104th year of her age. On the 16th ult. in the ever memorable Battle of Albuera, gloriously fell in his 23d year, Captain Ralph FAWSETT, of the 57th Regt. of Infantry, when bravely leading his men on to charge the enemy: in him were united the virtue of a truly loyal and patriotic soldier; and as a young man, his integrity of mind, noble and generous disposition, were equally transcendant: when he received his mortal wound, he would not suffer himself to be taken from the ranks, but ordered his men to place him on the ground, at their head, and coolly gave his orders to the last.-Capt. F. was brother-in-law to Capt. BROWNE, of Crossfield, in this county, by whom he was introduced to the Regt. about 5 years ago.

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