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    3. Second attempt... -----Original Message----- From: Petra Mitchinson [] Sent: 05 February 2020 15:59 To: Cumberland Mailing List <>; Westmorland List <> Cc: '' <> Subject: Carlisle Journal, 22 Jun 1811 - Local News Saturday 22 Jun 1811 (p. 3, col. 2 + 5) Wigton races commence on the 17th; the Edinburgh races on the 22d of July next; and Annan races on the 27th June inst.-See Advs. The hay harvest commenced this week in the neighbourhood of Carlisle. The swath is uncommonly heavy. On Tuesday last, a little boy, playing near the ditch adjoining the castle, fell into the water. Mrs. ROBINSON, wife of Sergeant ROBINSON, of the Forfarshire militia, overhearing the screams of the child's sister, rushed to the spot, and dragged him from amidst the mud, in which he was entangled. After for a considerable time using the proper means for restoring animation, she was so fortunate as to succeed in her benevolent object.-This is the second child that has been rescued by Mrs. ROBINSON's exertions from a watery grave. Lieut. Joseph DOVER, from the Royal Cumberland, and Ensign G. W. REVELEY, from the Royal Westmorland militias, have been appointed to Ensigncies in the 55th foot. The Northumberland militia will, in future, be cloathed, equipped, and trained, as a corps of Light Infantry. On Saturday last, Mr. James THISTLETHWAITE, travelling for a respectable house in Manchester, was drowned by his horse plunging into one of those dangerous breaks which occur on Lancaster Sands. On Wednesday se'nnight, as the masons were levelling the foot path near St. Nicholas's church, Newcastle, they discovered a rough stone coffin, of a curious form, with some bones in it. It was 6ft. 3in. in length. The Falcon, DIXON, from Whitehaven for Dublin, was put back on Friday se'nnight after being eleven days at sea. The Mariner, HURST, from Whitehaven and Cork, arrived at Trinidad the 13th of April in 55 days.---The Fletcher, WARD, Spanish Patriot, FISHER, both of Workington, were lying there. The Queen Charlotte, NICHOLSON, of Whitehaven, is arrived at Dublin, from Antigua. The Triton, FOX, of Whitehaven, arrived at Antigua on the 5th of last month. The Crosby, M'GAA, belonging to Workington, is arrived at Belfast, after wintering at Gaspe, North America.

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