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    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Name interests
    2. Vicki
    3. Lovell, Caplin, Alexander of Southampton. Irish of Bishops Waltham Get Outlook for Android

    01/14/2020 06:22:56
  1. 01/13/2020 03:27:30
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Rootsweb closure
    2. We have seen a suggestion on other lists that good practice would be for all current members send a final email to <> restating their research interests and names so that in the months and years ahead, other researchers finding those emails will be able to find you all It seems to be a great idea so message away and then join the new Hampshire List at <> if you have not already done so Take care Linda & Tony

    01/13/2020 11:17:17
  2. 01/12/2020 04:05:07
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]subscribing to new list
    2. This message s intended for Kathy G - you cannot subscribe to the new Hampshire mailing list using the Rootsweb list email address of <> Otherwise you will not receive mail when the Rootsweb list closes shortly You must use either your own email address or alternatively go to the website, search for the Hampshire list and then click "join list" Thanks Linda & Tony

    01/11/2020 03:37:04
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON][Hampshire-England-genealogy] subscribing
    2. It is NOT possible to subscribe to the new mailing list by replying on the Rootsweb list  as you are then subscribed  under ( ) This message is for Kathy G - please resubscribe using your own email address Thanks Linda & Tony -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Links: Change Your Subscription: Unsubscribe: Group Home: Contact Group Owner: Terms of Service: -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

    01/11/2020 03:19:26
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Mailing List
    2. We now have definitive emails to correspond with the list which are: * Post: <> * Subscribe: <> * Unsubscribe: <> * Group Owner: <> However, one or two subscribers have subscribed using the Rootsweb list email address which means that you will not be added or receive messages. If that is you, can you resubscribe using the above address please. Thanks Linda & Tony

    01/09/2020 03:57:34
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Invitation to join the group
    2. Hello, You have been invited by to join the group The following message was included by This list is to primarily cover the areas of research previously enjoyed by subscribers to the Rootsweb genealogy mailing lists for Hampshire. England as well as the specialist lists for Portsmouth, Gosport, Southampton and Wessex. If you have questions about this invitation, send them to To accept the invitation, please reply to this email, or you may click on the following link to and accept the invitation there. If you are not interested, or if is not your email address, please ignore this email. Cheers, The Team

    01/09/2020 03:06:02
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Rootsweb Mailing Lists
    2. Hi all You may have seen announcements on other mailing lists that Ancestry who purchased Rootsweb around 20 years ago have finally pulled the plug and have announced that all of the genealogy mailing lists will close starting 2 March 2020. It will not be possible to post or receive messages to the list although previous messages will still be searchable in each List Archive We are looking at setting up an alternative mailing list and hope to email all list members shortly Take care Linda & Tony Knight List Owners: Hampshire, Portsmouth-Gosport, Southampton and Wessex

    01/09/2020 02:22:07
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]Edna Marlow
    2. Hi all Just a warning: our friend and long time list member Edna has had her email account <> hacked. If you get an email initially asking for a "favor" it will be followed by a second email asking to "purchase google gift cards for her niece." Just delete - don't open the emails. are dealing with it but it may be that several emails will have been sent out to list members Thanks Linda & Tony

    07/23/2019 02:57:44
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]GRO price rise
    2. Courtesy of Nivard from another list: From Feb 2019 the price of certificates and PDF copies is rising significantly Certificates will rise from the present £9.25 to £11 PDF copies (where available) will rise from £6 to £7 In addition there will be a £3 search fee where no reference is supplied (currently the same price as when supplied) And a £3.50 charge if no certificate match can be made with supplied details (with or without GRO ref supplied?) Priority service charge will also rise but shouldn't usually affect most researchers It will go from the present £23.40 to £35 for next day service So you best get ordering pronto ;-) Linda & Tony

    12/26/2018 04:41:51
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON]William John WARREN b.1846 St Helier
    2. Fenella Rook Smith
    3. William John WARREN born28 September 1846,baptised St Helier 25 October 1846, son of GeorgeWarren (employe au gazometeur) and Susan (nee Malzard).  He is age 4 with parents at ADDRESS: 2 Gas Lane , St Helier, Jersey in 1851 census, and by the 1861 census the Warren family had moved to St Mary's, Southampton.    There is a marriage of William John T WARREN and Emma BARNESreg Dec qtr 1867 Southampton. I'm pretty certain that this is William born in Jersey but would like to confirm this.  They had children William John Warren b.1868, Charles Henry Warren b,1869, Emma Jane Warren b,1872, George Thomas Warren b.1874, all in Southampton. But after that the family disappears. Where are they in 1881? 1891?  I think William John WARREN is my sons' great-grandfather. Is anyone related to this family?Fenella In Canada.. 

    09/27/2018 04:05:09
    1. Re: [SOUTHAMPTON] Help with a newspaper article
    2. Jon via
    3. Hi Hilda, I've had one other person kindly reply to me regarding this, they said to them it looked like it could be 90 days. So that's 90 and 80, any advances? Many thanks to you Hilda, kind regards, Jon

    01/03/2016 04:11:44
    1. Re: [SOUTHAMPTON] Help with a newspaper article
    2. Hilda Payne via
    3. Hi Jon, I can't find the details in any other newspaper and the copy is most unclear at the left hand edge. However, it looks like 80 days to me. What do others think? Unless the original paper can be viewed, then it's really a guess.

    01/03/2016 02:41:05
    1. Re: [SOUTHAMPTON] Help with a newspaper article
    2. Karen Lynn via
    3. Hi, It's not particularly clear, as it's in the left-most column of a right-hand page, so the image is slightly indistinct from the curvature of the binding ... but I _think_ it's 90 days: it seems to be more legible to the naked eye when not over-enlarged. Karen On 3 January 2016 at 20:38, Jon via <> wrote: > Hi everyone, > > I have a newspaper snippet below, but the person who transcribed it > couldn’t make out the number of days. Does anyone have access to this > newspaper that could check it out for me please? > > "William Parker, a lad in the employ of Edward Mixey, for stealing a piece > of lead, was convicted and adjudged to ? days hard labour, and once > whipped."-Hampshire Telegraph, 23rd October 1847. > > > > Many thanks to anyone who can assist, very best wishes, > > > > Jon > For online Hampshire parish register transcriptions see > > > Please trim ALL messages to a minimum & remove the footer of the message > as this is added automatically at the end of all messages.Thanks > > To subscribe or unsubscribe please send a message to > with subscribe or unsubscribe. > > > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > with the word 'unsubscribe' without > the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

    01/03/2016 02:33:40
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON] Help with a newspaper article
    2. Jon via
    3. Hi everyone, I have a newspaper snippet below, but the person who transcribed it couldn’t make out the number of days. Does anyone have access to this newspaper that could check it out for me please? "William Parker, a lad in the employ of Edward Mixey, for stealing a piece of lead, was convicted and adjudged to ? days hard labour, and once whipped."-Hampshire Telegraph, 23rd October 1847. Many thanks to anyone who can assist, very best wishes, Jon

    01/03/2016 01:38:31
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON] Hampshire OPC
    2. hampshireopc via
    3. We are delighted to tell you all that is back! Our domain name registration was renewed in January, 3 weeks ahead of due date but the company Webmania also known as Nathan Barnes t/a YorHost failed to renew and so the site was taken down by Nominet who regulate the internet market. This was the second successive renewal that this had happened but we have now transferred to another registration company and had to pay a transfer fee and another registration. Just a word of warning to anyone that is using or thinking of using webmania...don't! Happy hunting Linda & Tony Knight Hampshire OPC Co-ordinators

    04/17/2015 03:55:55
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON] 3 and 4 East Place, Southampton
    2. Fenella Rook Smith via
    3. Can anyone tell me where East Place was? Southampton directories say it was at 15 East Street.  1881 census shows SMITH at 4 East Place, and CLARK at 3 East Place. John SMITH and Sarah CLARK were married in Southampton in 1883. Was East Place a row of dwellings or was it an actual street? Are there any photographs of this area? Thanks.... Fenella in Canada. 

    03/25/2015 11:14:34
    1. [SOUTHAMPTON] John SMITH b.1867 Winchester
    2. Fenella Rook Smith via
    3. John SMITH married Sarah CLARK March quarter 1883 Southampton. In 1891 Census John SMITH says he was born 1857 in Winchester. By this time he has a son Harry b.1883 and a daughter Jane b.1887, living at 6 Cross Court, All Saints, Southampton. By the 1901 census John SMITH has died, and Sarah is a widow living with three children at 64 Dukes Road, Portswood, Southampton. I'm trying to determine who John SMITH was, but with that name, it isn't easy! He might be John SMITH b.1856 Winchester son of Jane SMITH widow age 40 in Southampton in 1871 census, with siblings William b.1858 Tipperary, Ireland and Rebecca b.1860 Cork Ireland. Jane Smith says she is from York in 1871 and Lincoln in 1881. Any help would be appreciated. Fenella in Canada

    03/24/2015 08:07:36
    2. elizabeth howard via
    3. Hi , I have a marriage in Poplar, London, 1880, of George Moore decorator, son of George Moore, shoemaker. George Moore shoemaker I have identified in the 1841 as living in Pembroke Sq Southampton , aged 35, N , with wife Harriet , 25 and Edward, 13 , and Frederick , 9 . However , if these are right , then I am not right with the 1851 census for Millbank, St Mary , S`ton , who are Harriet , 30, shoe binder, b Eling, Hants, William , 9 , Jane, 7, Fanny ,4, and George 2. There is a GRO entry for the death of a George Moore in S`ton district in the Sept 1/4 of 1849. I can find this family in the 1861 and 1871 . But no sign of Edward and Frederick , who may well have died as children or just be the wrong family. I have certainty from the marriage in Poplar in 1880 , George the decorator marries Naomi Greening , and that , thankfully , is an unusual name so am clear from there on . George says he is born Southampton and he is 59 in 1911 , and 50 in 1901 , and 19 in 1871 , all b Southampton . Thanks to the Knights for the huge amount of work put online, how good it is to see that , for Southampton`s PRs.. I am aiming modestly at the marriage of George and Harriet ? c 1820-1835, maybe at Eling if this is the right family . And the bapt of George circa 1800 in St Mary`s S`ton....perhaps !!! life is hard . soften it with a cat \\\=^..^=///

    02/23/2015 03:47:25