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    1. [ENG-SOM-NORTHCURRY] ADMIN: why your messages might not reach the list
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all Some of us have had problems posting to the list. The problem might be due to email being sent in HTML, Rich Text, or MIME rather than in Plain Text. Before we were switched to the new list software, the mail servers would endeavour to strip out any HTML from a list message and send the plain text on to subscribers. When the HTML could not be stripped out, messages were held in an administrative folder for review. It seems that is no longer happening. When you post to the list, please be sure to do so only in plain text to ensure that your message is distributed to fellow subscribers. If you're not sure how to send plain text email, here are a few links with instructions that might help: * Outlook <> * Gmail <> * IncrediMail <> If your email program is not one of these three, search the web for "how to send email in plain text" and you'll find the answer for a variety of email programs. Best wishes, Lynne

    02/20/2019 02:53:02