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    1. [LINCOLN] looking for birth town
    2. tamiwell
    3. Hello : ) I’m looking for some advice please. My ancestor was JOHN SMITH (unfortunate name for me!) who was born about 1787 - according to the census of 1861 in ‘BURTON LINCS’. This is written quite clearly, it definitely looks more like Burton than Barton. My problem is nailing down the exact location. Unfortunately in 1851 he was probably away (not recorded with the family) and in 1871 he was living with his daughter in law who may not have known where he was born. He was quite elderly by then and the place given for his birth (Nottinghamshire NK) is probably incorrect. I can see that there is a Burton right outside of Lincoln, which is the most obvious choice but it wasn’t a port or close to the sea. My John Smith was a Mariner/Master Mariner/Captain. He can first be found in Selby, christening some of his children in the 1830s with his wife Harriet (after they had married in Kent and he had recorded he was ‘of Selby’ there in 1828). He records his occupation as a sailor or master Mariner. He then moves to Hull and has a couple more children before finally settling in Great Yarmouth where he continued to operate a vessel of some kind. His son continued in his footsteps and also became a Master Mariner and operated two ships that I know of at different times until his final ship was smashed on the rocks during a gale coming in to Tynemouth in the 1870s. There may be a connection to Tynemouth, his son visited there in 1851 when he was a Mariner.... So it seems he always lived near the ocean and I’m just presuming (but of course could be wrong) that in order to become Master of your own vessel in the early 1800s you probably had to have inherited it from the family in some form or come into money somehow and had an interest in seafaring which is probably less likely. My hunch is that his father may have also been a seaman, but then I would have expected his place of birth to be closer to the ocean if that were the case. Are there any other Burton’s in Lincolnshire I should be looking at? I feel like I might be sitting on a great clue with his son’s given name. He only had one and named him Henry HARRISON Smith....surely a family name he was passing on...perhaps his mothers maiden name....but I’m not sure how to pinpoint it. Any advice would be wonderful! Thank you, Tamara Sent from Mail for Windows 10

    05/13/2019 07:17:32