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    2. Lynne
    3. Hello Lorraine and all I think Carmel sent her message to the wrong list, to which she is not subscribed, and I compounded the problem by releasing her message to this list. Lorraine, your very informative message has been forwarded to Carmel and am CCing her with this so all is not lost. Carmel is subscribed to LancsGen, so further conversation can take place on that list. Carmel, because there is so little traffic (none!) on the Fylde list, I would recommend posting only on LancsGen. The list encompasses all locations in historical Lancashire and has the most traffic and subscribers. Kind regards, Lynne PS: "Wonderful"? You have made my day/week/month/year, Lorraine! :-) Lorraine <[email protected]> wrote: > >Hi Carmel, > >The availability of Catholic records is related to the complex socio-political history of England since the Reformation including the Penal Laws and Catholic Emancipation (topics not dealt with quickly). Historically, Lancashire was the most Catholic part of England and the Fylde was the most Catholic part of Lancashire. Irish immigration was only a part of this. > >The Catholic Records Society (CRS) published transcription of the early records of some Lancashire Catholic parishes many years ago. Try Googling "Lancashire Catholic registers + Catholic record society”. You will find at least some of these on the Internet Archive for free download. These books are in compendium volumes, each encompassing several places. However, generally speaking, there are no Catholic church records available before the latter half of the 18th century. > >But - there are multiple adjunct sources for researching Catholics. Probably the most significant of these is the Returns of Papists of the Diocese of Chester, 1767, a census substitute which lists entire Catholic families with ages and occupations and the length of time they have resided in specific Lancashire parishes. > >The Catholic Family History Society in England <>. has many publications including a CD of Lancashire Catholic wills that may be helpful. Michael Gandy’s books on Catholic records will be similarly so. > > There are several rootsweb list for Lancashire. On LANCSGEN, probably the largest Lancashire list, also administered by the wonderful Lynne, searching its archives for posts by Jim Lancaster over the past many years will give you significant help with information on Lancashire Catholics. Posting your query on LANCSGEN also may help. There’s also an ENGLAND-LAN-FYLDE list you can post on. > >Enquiries to local priests, who are already very busy because of growing priest shortages, may not yield responses. > >You will also need to look in records of the C of E parish church of each local area to find your Catholic ancestors. > >I suggest you post specific queries with full details about each ancestor you are trying to take further back. Such a specific query may be more likely to yield useful responses. > >Good luck, > >Lorraine >Victoria, BC >Canada

    03/03/2019 11:28:51