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    1. [ENG-LANCASTER] Re: Inquests reported in UK newspapers
    2. Annette Watson
    3. Hi Lynne, Thank you so much for this resource, am still checking the various counties in England. Is it OK to post it to other county lists?- My subs are to Devon, Derby, Leicestershire-plus, Northumberland,Norfolk, Notts, West-Riding and Yorkshire. Annette WATSON Lismore 2480 Australia At 03:25 AM 17/12/2018, you wrote: > From the Macquarie University in Australia, some Coronial Inquests > extracted from local newspapers. Scroll down and click on the > country of interest then click on the county. There's also a page > of deaths at sea. Be aware, it's a very interesting resource but > also very gruesome. > ><> >or ><> > >My thanks to Adele on the LancsGen list for pointing out this resource. > >Please do let us know if you find an ancestor mentioned. > >Lynne > >_______________________________________________ > >:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~: > >Except for personal messages, please post replies to the list. >Other people can learn from them! > >Be sure list mail is in PLAIN TEXT. > > >:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~:-~: > > > > >_______________________________________________ >Email preferences: >Unsubscribe >[email protected] >Privacy Statement: Terms and Conditions: > >Rootsweb Blog: >RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal >RootsWeb community

    12/16/2018 03:43:23