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    1. [ENG-LAN-ECCLES] The end is nigh
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello out there! The end of RootsWeb lists is just around the corner. If you want to make sure anyone reading the archives in future can find you, be sure to post your interests (surnames in all caps; first names, dates, and locations if you chose) and your munged email address to the RootsWeb lists to which you subscribe before 29 February. There are now hundreds of lists/groups on that have moved from RootsWeb. You can search for a group at and then click on "Find or Create a Group." Many RootsWeb admins have added the word "RootsWeb" to the descriptions of their new groups, so if your first attempt doesn't find the right group, trying adding the keyword RootsWeb to your search. There's also a group just to announce new family research lists, RootsWeb Announce. Search the messages there to find a group. It's been a pleasure administering this list. I hope to see many of you on or on the Ancestry/RootsWeb message boards. Take care and best of luck with your research. Kind regards, Lynne lklein at mindspring dot com BUSKEY: Lancashire and Yorkshire ENTWISTLE, ENTWHISTLE: Lancashire JONES: Lancashire and Wales WALTEMADE: Germany, United States FARLEY: Ireland, United States

    02/25/2020 08:17:41