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    1. [ENG-LAN-ECCLES] ADMIN: new LancsGen list
    2. Lynne
    3. Hello all Further to my message last week informing you of the closure of RootsWeb mailing lists, a new list for all of Lancashire has been created on the host I'll be sending you an invitation via list in just a little while. Just follow the directions to join the list. Alternatively, you can go to the new list's home page at <> and subscribe to the new list by scrolling down to Join This List (or Apply for Membership to This Group) and clicking on the link. Be sure to respond to the confirmation email you'll receive from or you won't be subscribed. Once you receive the welcome message and list guidelines, please take a look at them and let me know _off-list_ if there are any errors or if you have any questions. Hope you will join and enjoy the new list! Kind regards, Lynne list owner

    01/18/2020 05:22:58