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    1. [ENG-LAN-ECCLES] William Huskisson and the Vicaress of Eccles
    2. Lynne
    3. From the blog for the Borthwick Institute for Archives: "On this day in 1830 Liverpool MP William Huskisson was fatally injured by the 'Rocket' locomotive at the opening of the Liverpool & Manchester Railway - but did you know of the part played in the aftermath by Emma Blackburne, Vicaress of Eccles?" "The death of Liverpool MP William Huskisson at the opening of the Liverpool to Manchester Railway in September 1830 has become a notorious event in early railway history. Less well known however is the part played in the events of that day by Emma Anne Blackburne, the Vicaress of Eccles, who features heavily in the correspondence of Annabel Crewe, part of the Milnes Coates Archive at the Borthwick Institute." Read this interesting story at <>. Do you have a connection to anyone mentioned in this blog? Lynne

    09/15/2019 08:25:10