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    1. [ENG-LAN-ECCLES] National Archives - Change in fees
    2. Lynne
    3. From <> - "From 1 February 2019, there will be changes to some of the fees we charge. "Archive boxes on repository shelvesAs a government department providing a public service, we are able to charge for some statutory services (as defined by the Public Records Act ) on a cost recovery basis. The Fees Order, which regulates our fees, has been refreshed from the last calculation which came into effect 1 April 2017. We are maintaining the standard approach in line with the HM Treasury publication, Managing Public Money, to set charges at a level that will recover full costs, ensuring that The National Archives neither profits at the expense of consumers nor makes a loss for taxpayers to subsidise. "There are both price increases and decreases, for example a digital copy up to A3 size goes up by 10p to £1.20. Currently, our research service cost £23.35 per 15 minutes, this will go up by £1.00 however, the charge for a copy of a naturalisation certificate will go down by 25p to £27.15. "As there is no legal requirement for The National Archives to digitise physical public records these services are by definition discretionary. We have therefore removed the following digital surrogate related lines: • The creation of digital surrogates funded by others (for a commercial return, or to widen access) • Reprographic charges (Production and Estimation) • Image Library (Serviced Copies – Colour Photograph) • Digital Downloads • Conservation for Digitisation "In addition to, but separate from, the Fees Order changes, we are introducing a fee for the provision of letters of no evidence of naturalisation, in the same way that we charge for certified copies of naturalisation certificates. They will incur a fee of £27.15 which is regulated to be the cost recovery price (i.e. the cost to The National Archives doing the work). "A full list of fees can be found here <>" Don't shoot the messenger! Lynne

    12/23/2018 10:49:51