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    1. [ENG-DUR-SUNDERLAND] High Court Records of Scotland
    2. Lynne
    3. I was reading a blog about High Court Records in Scotland, as one does, and came across an interesting bit which I've never thought about: in addition to the info about the criminal him/herself, the records frequently contain victim names and other information which might be relevant to research in other locations. For example, a quick search of the records for Lancashire came up with 618 hits, Manchester resulted in 1241 hits, Lincolnshire 195 hits, Durham 1335 hits, Wiltshire 123 hits, and Yorkshire 871 hits. The blog is an interesting read and can be found at Information about and instructions for searching the High Court records can be found at <> and the search screen can be found at <>. Because my ancestors all led exemplary lives and were never victims of crimes <g>, I didn't find any mention of them after a quick search, but maybe you'll get lucky. Here's hoping. Lynne

    08/01/2019 09:10:18