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    1. [Eng-Derbys'-Chesterfield] Re: Surname Registries updated
    2. Annette Watson
    3. Hi Pat, Please, how do I access the surname registries, many thanks, Annette WATSON Lismore 2480 Australia At 03:58 PM 19/08/2018, you wrote: >I have just updated the following surname registries on my website: >Chesterfield >Redruth >Swansea >Cornish American >Derbyshire > >If you have added a name, please check for accuracy. If you find a mistake >or your info has changed, follow the directions at the bottom of the >surname registries and I will add/change when I do my next update. > > >-- >Pat Connors, Sacramento CA > >[email protected] > >_______________________________________________ >====ENG-DERBYSHIRE-CHESTERFIELD Mailing List==== >_______________________________________________ >Email preferences: >Unsubscribe and Archives > >Privacy Statement: Terms and Conditions: > >Rootsweb Blog: >RootsWeb is funded and supported by and our loyal >RootsWeb community

    08/19/2018 05:39:30