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    1. [EMMINGER] Registering with Mailman software at RootsWeb
    2. Marleen Van Horne
    3. You will need to register with the new Mailman software at Rootsweb. Go to this URL: If you already have a user ID and Password, use them. If they fail or you do not have an ID, etc. follow the instructions. Sign In: You should get a list of all the RootsWeb lists you are subscribed to, or are the owner of. You can access all your lists from this page and set them up however you like. In that list you will see 4 columns : List Name: click on that to see more information and get to your admin tools if you are owner or moderator Subscription Address: if you have added more than one email to your account, check this column carefully Roles: subscriber, owner and/or moderator (If it is blank, you have not confirmed your email with that list) List-based preferences: clicking on that will allow you to set preferences for that list. We strongly recommend: -- Delivery Status: Enabled -- Delivery mode: either regular or digest, your choice -- Receive own posting: Yes -- Acknowledge posts: No -- Hide address: your choice, read the instructions for more -- Avoid Duplicates: Yes You can also set your settings globally, click on Global Mailman preferences and Address-based preferences I hope this helps. Marleen Van Horne

    04/06/2018 05:40:57
    1. [EMMINGER] Beryl Emminger
    2. Zoe
    3. Does anyone have a Beryl Emminger born about 1910? He's listed as a cousin with my relatives in the 1920 Census in Ohio.

    05/19/2009 05:26:23
    1. [EMMINGER] Clarion County Emmingers
    2. Friends-- I would like to talk about anyone who has Emmingers in Clarion County PA in the 1800s. Please contact me. George Hoyt in CA _GWGEHoyt@aol.com_ ( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------------------------------------------- **************Nothing says I love you like flowers! Find a florist near you now. (

    02/13/2009 04:38:22
    1. [EMMINGER] Emminger Records In the Clarion County PA Courthouse
    2. Friends-- I spent last week in various counties in PA doing genealogy research. While there, I copied seven old marriage records of Emmingers found in the Clarion County Courthouse. o Bertha Emminger and Sylvester Fitzgerald April 1 1895 o George Emminger and Jennie Stringfeller April 2 1894 o John Emminger and Myrtle Steiner May 25 1892 o Letitia Emminger and John Haney Dec 22 1891 o Stella Mae Eminger and Jacob Miller May 16 1911 o Adda Emminger and Elmer Reidy Nov 24 1894 o Bert D Emminger and Mattie Gadley Sep 11 1900 It was the second marriage for Letitia Emminger, who was Bert Emminger's mother. Because the handwriting was not always clear, some of the dates may be the date of application rather than the actual date of the ceremony. I'm researching the Bert Emminger/Mattie Gadley line, as well as his mother Letitia Emminger, so I would be pleased to communicate with anyone that connects into that line. Sincerely, George Hoyt in CA **************Gas prices getting you down? Search AOL Autos for fuel-efficient used cars. (

    06/28/2008 02:39:14
    1. [EMMINGER] Daniel Emminger
    2. Friends-- Is there anyone on this list who has Daniel Emminger of Warren, Vernango, Clarion or Forest Counties PA during the 1800s in their files? If so, please contact me, as we may have information to share. George Hoyt in CA **************Get trade secrets for amazing burgers. Watch "Cooking with Tyler Florence" on AOL Food. (

    05/24/2008 10:02:34
    1. [EMMINGER] Bert Emminger
    2. Friends-- Is there anyone on this list who has Bert Emminger (1880-1955) of Mercer County PA in their files? If so, please contact me. George Hoyt ************************************** See what's new at

    10/22/2007 06:40:19
    1. RootsWeb MailList Software Migration
    2. Marleen Van Horne
    3. Dear List Members, RootsWeb is migrating from old mail list software (Smartlist)to new software (Mailman). The new software functions differently from the old in some instances. The most noticable change will be the mail list address. Notice the -L has been dropped. You will still be able to send messages using the -L or -D in the address, but the official address of the list will now be: [Insert the appropriate LISTNAME.] This change may require you to edit RootsWeb mail list addresses in your filters or accept lists. If you are an AOL subscriber, you may have trouble receiving list messages because of the spam filters at AOL. Please feel free to send test messages to the list, for a couple of days after your list has migrated, to make sure you can still send and receive mail. If you have problems, please write me at The lists will migrate based on the first letter of the list name: EMERICK, EMMINGER, FOY---28 August MATHIESON, ODEN----------31 August SCEDGEFI, STEINMETZ-------6 September VANHORNE------------------7 September Marleen Van Horne List Manager ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

    08/25/2006 11:29:54
    1. FHL Books Online at BYU
    2. Marleen Van Horne
    3. The following announcement is making the rounds of the mail lists. I have visited the site and been copying pages out of various family histories. Go to the bottom of this message and copy the instruction for getting into the Family History Archive. All of the instructions are there. If you have difficulty, please do not ask me for help, as I have not further information than what is in this message. How well it works will depend on the kind of connection you have to the internet, mine is very slow, but it still worked. Marleen Van Horne RootsWeb Mail List Manager The message is incredibly cool! You can go to the Brigham Young University website and do searches of over 5000 books which the Family History Library has put online.* ... the LDS Family History Library has announced that it has begun the process of digitizing and making available on the Internet all of the Family History books in their collection. These are primarily books in the "929.273Series" that are currently housed on the first floor of the Family History Library (previously housed on the fourth floor of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building). At the present time (September 2005), about 5000 books have been digitized and are available, and they have announced that they are adding about 100 titles a week to the on-line collection. Copyright issues are playing a role in determining the order in which they progress through this task; books out of copyright are being done first. As these Family History books are digitized and placed on-line, an entry is being placed in the Family History Library on-line catalog with a hyperlink to the digitized image. By going to the FHL On-Line Catalog, you can search for a specific name, find a book that has been indexed using the name, and view it on-line, flipping through the pages as separate "pdf" images, much the same as if you were on the first floor of the Family History Library. = Of course, the indexing that is available through the FHL Catalog is only as good as the human indexers made it; typically they only include the "top" 4 to 6 names that appear in each book in their indexing efforts. But there is even better news! The digitized images of these Family History books are actually being stored on the electronic servers at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah.= By going directly to the BYU web site to view the images, there are several additional possibilities that provide genealogists functionality that they have never had before. You are now able to do full-text searches on each book, and on every digitized book in the collection. Now you can locate the small two-paragraph entry on Grandpa Ebenezer McGarrah that is buried in one of the Family History books that you would have otherwise never thought to look at before. This can open up a huge new possibility for extending lines,getting past brick walls, and uncovering new relatives!= How to Find The Digitized Images? Go to the web site of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU at on their home page, follow the links "Find Other Materials/Electronic/On Line Collections at BYU". Click on the "Text Collections" tab and select the "Family History Archive" from the list of collections that are displayed. You would then normally want to use the "Search All" feature with the "Search Full Text" box checked, although the "Advanced Search" will allow very high-powered searches that will allow certain phrases to be searched for and other words to be used to exclude potential hits. As you make selections from the "hits" that are displayed, you will need to use the "Click Here to View Item" button near the top of the screen to display the actual image of the page. You can page through the entire document using the index displayed on the left side of the screen. Each page may be printed after being viewed. One interesting sidelight is, when you are at the first web page for the Family History Archive (the page that lets you begin a search), click on the "Browse the Collection" button. This will display every Family History book that has been digitized and is available in the collection. You can scroll through this list much the same as if you were walking up and down the stacks at the library. At the top of the first page of the search results, it displays the number of hits, which (in this case) is the number of books in the collection. If you keep track of this number, you can get a pretty good idea of how fast they are adding titles to the collection as you revisit the web site from time to time. I think you will want to visit this site often as the collection grows!"

    11/07/2005 04:05:48
    1. [EMMIMGER] 1635 Blaeu Atlas--vol. 1: Europa, Germania, Germania Inferior
    2. Marleen Van Horne
    3. Hello All, Since many of you are researching German ancestors, I think you might find this useful. This wonderful atlas was found by Willem Rabbelier a subscriber to the Dutch-Colonies List while surfing the web. I is on the University of California Library website. I think all of us will enjoy it and find it useful for researching the places of origin for out ancestors, and it will answer a lot of those questions about where places were, when. Enjoy! Marleen Van Horne ==== BUSSEY Mailing List ==== Visit The Ancestors of Letitia BUSSEY at: ============================== To join and access our 1.2 billion online genealogy records, go to:

    08/03/2002 03:49:29