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    1. [EDGINGTON] George Edgington-Margaret Broome: early whereabouts
    2. Swanson, Scott
    3. In keeping with the account which George Edgington’s grandson George Edgington gave Lyman Draper, it is invariably said that the Edgington family moved from Philadelphia to Hampshire County VA. It is my purpose here to ask when they got to Hampshire County VA. They certainly did do so but possibly later than we assume. Hampshire County VA was erected from Frederick County VA 1 March 1754. If George and Margaret (Broome) Edgington moved immediately to the same area which later they inhabited, then they moved to what was still Frederick County VA, erected 15 December 1738. So far as I can tell from the printed abstracts of Frederick County VA records, George Edgington never appears in them. It is worth noting that he does not appear in the militia records or the road order records. The court order books have been abstracted only for 1743-1745, so he might appear in later volumes 1745-1754. He does not appear in the land or probate records as a witness, a service neighbors constantly provided each other. The first record which probably, but not necessarily, puts George in Hampshire County is dated as late as 1761. It appears in a Northern Neck grant of land to him 24 August 1779, which mentions “a survey thereof dated 10 November 1761 made for the said George Edgington by John Mauzy and forfeited by virtue of....from my office and recorded therein in Book N, but on the application of the said George Edgington I have allowed a deed to be given to him for the said land....”; [Northern Neck Grants R, 1778-1780: 274 and again on 275]. While the Northern Neck grants pertain to George Edgington Sr, the two deeds in which George Edgington buys land from William Cunningham (10 August 1772), then sells it to Levi Ashbrook (10 January 1774), pertain to his son George Edgington Jr because the deed of sale names his wife Mary; [Hampshire County VA Deed Books 3: 133; 4: 59]. That said, it means that at least the younger Edgington was in Hampshire County by 1772. George Edgington’s capture by the Indians must have happened before the Revolution, because it appears that the Edgington family had left the area of Fort Edwards by the time of the Revolution. Son Thomas was patenting land in Ohio County VA and Yohogania County VA [both soon falling for the most part into Pennsylvania territory] 1774-1778. Son John was an inhabitant of Yohogania County VA by 1778. Possibly the family moved westward in 1774 when son George and his wife Mary sold their land in Hampshire County VA. It appears to be a real possibility that George and Margaret (Broome) Edgington came to Hampshire County only as late as 1761 and that they lived elsewhere before then, a possibility worth investigating that possibility. As to the Broome family, it looks as though Margaret Broome was the daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (Coley) Broome. Multiple websites now state that Thomas Broome was the son of John Broome of Calvert County MD. From what I have seen of the Calvert County MD records, that it seems to me unlikely that Thomas was the son of John Broome and Winifred Margaret [possibly Jones]. John Broome's 1689/90 will survives, and it does not name Thomas as a son, even though he was handing out tracts of land to his two daughters. His son John's 1738/9 will also survives and does name a son Thomas, but that child was born ca 1710 or so and was far too young to have been married in 1712. There was a Broome family living in Chester County PA, the part now Delaware County PA, as early as 1695 when Daniel Broome witnessed a deed, as does “Amil” in 1697. There is as yet very little to connect the individuals who appear in the Chester County records into a family or families. No obvious connection for our Thomas in Philadelphia by 1712. Scott Swanson Department of History and Anthropology Butler University Indianapolis, Indiana 46208-3485 [email protected]

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